Yummy Huge Sandwich at Mini Market, Gulberg – Lahore

Sandwich, Mini Market Two of my friends came to my office and force me to have a sandwich. One of them is a real eater with a big tummy. I was very hungry at the time and not in a mood of sandwich. I was looking forward for some complete meal but they guaranteed tummy satisfaction so we move to Mini Market, Gulberg.

Place name was Top Line Burger and we sit out in a fresh air to wait for our sandwiches. For quite a long wait we see a plate full of sandwiches with French fries and coleslaw. We ordered ‘Chicken Sandwich’ except one of our friend who ordered ‘Club Sandwich’ to try a new one.

Well one thing is for sure that it really satisfies your tummy and you can’t have a meal after it. Secondly if you like spice then order ‘Club Sandwich’ which I like more than chicken one. ‘Club Sandwich’ has a spicy chicken kebab in it whereas ‘Chicken Sandwich’ has chicken spread as their main ingredients. Further both have egg and Salads in it.

Find below price list and go by yourself to enjoy it.

Price List Top Line Burger

5 thoughts on “Yummy Huge Sandwich at Mini Market, Gulberg – Lahore

  1. please tell me the phone number of the plaace??is it opposite chatkhara???plz let me know i am a big eater…:( cant resist after seeing this plate…:(

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