We Miss Gawalmandi Food Street

Gawalmandi Food Street

Gawalmandi Food Street finished in August, 2009 and leave many people missing it. We friends often use to go there to have a true Lahori food with our cultural buildings around and low cost food. Most importantly it had become a tourist place and every time we go there to have a dinner, we see foreigners there; so this had become a part of Lahore, showing true Lahori culture.

Buildings around and food serve there both give special feeling of our true traditions. Whenever we friends don’t know where to go for dinner, we headed to Gawalmandi food street. Govt. started another food street in Anarkali but food served there is not that delicious. Though we never think of going to Anarkali food street and always came to Gawalmandi for food.

On the other hand there were lot of people living in the buildings around who faced many difficulties in going to hospital or anywhere else in night. They were unable to take out there vehicles in night because of this food street. Govt. has started this food street for a single event but it continued due to the people’s admiration.

If Govt. ended this food street just because of people living there than it should give any other alternative like opening from other side so this tourist spot and re-presenter of our Lahori tradition could live on. Whether those restaurants are still there butĀ ambianceĀ around make us go there, which is not there anymore. It had become a family place at the time and now it is a road for traffic. I don’t know is it right or not but I miss ‘Gawalmandi Food Street’ very much.

4 thoughts on “We Miss Gawalmandi Food Street

  1. too true mate i really loved the food street and miss it really much. it was one of the things that really attracted foreigners. unfortunately this is what happens when politics get involved…….plus 100’s of people have lost their jobs….

  2. So we are missing Gawalmandi’s Food Street, I miss it a lot. This broken footpath photograph of Food Street is also telling my broken heart’s condition

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