This Summer’s Drink?


If you live in Allama Iqbal town or pass through Moon market then you must have seen the road hoardings in pic on every pole. This summer we are experiencing many different juices brand in market. First it was ‘Fresher’, then ‘Vivo’, afterwards Shakarganj’s ‘Anytime’ and now another local company jumps in to show their summer deal.

These type of drinks are my favorite in summer. I try to taste every brand to choose my special drink of the summer. Last season it was ‘Lemon Malt’ and ‘Pulpy Orange’, this season it is ‘Fresher’.

I haven’t tasted Spirus yet because of its availability. One of the important part of marketing for any brand is to distribute their product in every market if they are dealing with mass market. Fresher, Vivo and Anytime has done it greatly but I haven’t seen any Spirus juice in any shop yet (of course I didn’t visit any shop in Moon market).

Our local product should look in to these matter to increase their sales. This is the season to choose one’s favorite summer drink. Mine pick is ‘Fresher’ What is your favorite drink this summer?

4 thoughts on “This Summer’s Drink?

  1. Lots of people always love to have PAK-Cola but in their dreams only, bcoz its not easy to find it. Pak-Cola is the name of trust & really out of the world…..and i realy mean it, it should be out of the world.

    PAK-Cola should be kept out of reach of all kind of human being and don’t stored it, just pick & trough it .

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