This Summer Drink?

I love summer season however people in Pakistan mostly love winter season because here summer stays longer than winter and human psychology prefer those things which are less available. Countries where there is a long winter, people love the summer season. I try to enjoy both, in winter I love the dry fruit, cozy atmosphere in home, long nights and in summer I love long days, calm afternoons, more sunlight, more liquids, more juices, fun etc. See I love both season but if some one insist me to name one season I love most then I would say summer.

I love sunlight and long days specially, you got plenty of time to do anything. I love to have different juices all day long and then I don’t worry about the hot weather around. Due to this I try to check out every drink available in market. I pass through all energy drinks, malt drinks, cola soft drinks, plastic bottle juices, tetra packing juices etc. and finally come to one or two drinks which I take whole summer.

This summer I started with my favorite as Siprus juice which is a plastic bottle juice because it is the thickest one and have a true mango pulpy flavor. But as the summer season came to its peak my choice rather shift from thick to light drink which should be more water thing in it. I love the Pepsi’s new energy drink ‘Sting’ too but I don’t take it all the time. My regular drink for this summer is Peach Malt a new flavor in malt drinks family.

Well now again if I have to name one drink as my favorite for this summer than I would name ‘Sting’ energy drink. So this is mine now let me know what is your favorite drink for this summer of 2010?

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  1. Me ibne amin (markeeting incharuge)form Brothers distributers of kpk mardan. The rates of your prouducts (fresher) were also change,but the prouducts Bar coad were not changed,and its a big problem for our customers.

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