Taoyuan Chinese Restaurant

Taoyuan Chinese Restaurant

Many people won’t remember this restaurant with their name, but with their taste. It is from those restaurants which are famous for their tasty food, whereas most of the restaurant try to make their name through complete restaurant experience. This restaurant is in Gulberg, opposite to Gulberg Pace. They also have a network of Suzuki vans to take the ready made food at different places of city and serve there. Right now I’m sharing my experience with Taoyuan Chinese Restaurant below:


Well this is the most attractive part of the restaurant. This is the part why people go there and why this restaurant is still running. I’ve always got same dish in front of me every time which was 19-B soup. It’s not like that they only serve this soup but my friends who took me there, go there only for this soup. I’ve come to know there that 19-B is not an item number of that soup in Menu; it is the Chinese soup’s category. One can get this 19-B flavor in any Chinese restaurant. It is mixture of their four top Chinese soups. In Taoyuan Chinese they are chicken, prawns, mushrooms and hot ‘n sour I guess. Soup was no doubt very tasty and one get a piece of any one of above in each bite. I’m not a soup lover type of guy but still I like the taste of it.


Service is not up to mark according to hospitality point of view. But if we look through the speed of service then it is much better. Waiter are rather very casual, it also gives the impression that they mostly deal in Take away and they haven’t work hard for their restaurant business. Though I’ve seen many customers liking their food and visiting Taoyuan Chinese Restaurant.


They have two portions in restaurant. One is upper which is decorated in a better way then one which is under it. Still I’ve seen mostly people who prefer to sit down stairs. Kitchen door opens in sitting area, and if you just got a chance to peep through that door, you would rather not try the food. Kitchen’s condition doesn’t seem much hygienic but here in Lahore people go for taste. One won’t get a clean and neat restaurant impression but still it is full of people to enjoy the food at Taoyuan Chinese Restaurant.

8 thoughts on “Taoyuan Chinese Restaurant

  1. My fav chinese resturant in pak!! cuz of its competitive price, however other restaurants have the 19-B soup aswell. When i started out having 19B in this restaurant it was usually less crowded than it these daiz.. i think they shud open up more branches probz in link road or johar town 🙂 Now that im in karachi im really missin out lahore’s chinese restaurants… y cant they have gud restaurants in karachi -sobs- ;(

  2. Oh really? about 19B is such a nice info…..by the way who is that intelligent who discover it to u………….lol

  3. There is another restaurant.. Just opposite the PACE in Gulberg.. To be more precise, where you “The Old Book Shops”.. The Restaurant is in the basement.. Its name is Manderin.. When descend down a few steps to get into basement corridor,you feel as if you are heading towards a boring ‘only waiter’ type restaurant.. Once u get in, u’ll be shocked to see a ‘crowd’.. Waiting to get empty tables… Their food is also great.. The place is not as good though.. Your eyes will lite up.. once u see the menu card.. No food item is expensive than 200 Rupees.. I oftenly went to have my lunch there.. For just 175 Rupees..(Lemon Egg Fried Rice Served with Either Manchurian or Chicken with Almonds) Can also have a Coke for additional 12 or 15 Rupees.. Thats it..

    Ok.. Now by typing this post here has got my mouth watering again 😛 I’m leaving to get my meal.. 😀

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