TAKA TAK, Gawal Mandi – Food Street

Don’t go to Anarkali food street to experience any food, I haven’t any good experience there yet. But still I like to try different things and often chose such a restaurant which helps me to make a not-to-go list. I think at anytime I might again visit it for a different restaurant. ‘Gawal Mandi food street’ is favourite to experience the real desi food with the old rich culture of Lahore around you. For typical desi food like Karahi, Daig etc. I go to the largest restaurant of Gawal Mandi (I’ve forget the name but its right in the center of food street) and it serves tasty food. It also serves one of the best TAKA TAK of Lahore I’ve eaten till now

Last time I decided to experience new restaurant, right next to that big one ‘Sohnar Restaurant’ which leaves me hungry from there. Every thing I ate there disappointed me, including TAKA TAK, for which I had especially visited that place.

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