Lahori Nan Chanay At BOR

BOR is a housing society in Lahore near to Allah Ho Chowk and Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, infact in between these two spots. There is a building to notice for everyone on Maulana Shaukat Ali Road with the name of Johar Event Complex. If one take a turn from there towards Allah Ho Chowk then one is in BOR housing society; which is on both sides of the road. Well this is a small housing society at very good location. It has small houses of 5 Marla and 3 Marla mostly.

Lahori Nan Chanay at BOR

Well my office is near to Allah Ho chowk and today morning while coming to my office we stop at Lahori Nan Chanay for breakfast. It was empty at that moment because the time was nearly 10:30, I believe people do breakfast early than that. So there is a famous Nan Chanay spot in every area as Lahore is famous for this breakfast. I believe it is the most eating breakfast of Lahore. My friend (Look photo: one in black shirt, standing, signaling Out like a cricket umpire) told me that this Lahori Nan Chanay is famous of this area BOR housing society. So we stop there to have our breakfast.

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No-Shahi Chanay At Kotha Pind

Chanay and NanNoshahi Chanay is situated on Faisal Town Main boulevard which has Model Town at one side and Faisal Town at other. That place is famous with the name of ‘Kotha Pind’.This is the same road which has Cave restaurant at one side and at other side it get connected with Akbar Chowk. In a way it has also Gourmet Restaurant.

This is a very active road in which came flats of M-block Model Town. In these flats mostly students live which came from other cities to earn or learn in Lahore. As they are in different cities and everyone is not a good cook so they use to eat from outside. Front and ground floor of these flats are mostly consisted of restaurants or food shops. Continue reading “No-Shahi Chanay At Kotha Pind”

Most Famous Nan Chanay Of Lahore

Lahore is all about eating and people love to have different food experiences here. There are many food stuff famous in Lahore and considered as specialty of Lahore. Among these we could name as Nan Chanay, Nan Paye, Barbecue, Gurda Kapora etc. Let me tell you that Nan Chanay is the most eating breakfast in Lahore. Well I won’t say most favorite but it is the most eating breakfast. I’ll give credit to Nan Paye for most favorite breakfast of Lahori people but people use to Nan Chanay mostly in breakfast. There are two reasons for this, Firstly it has become a culture and there are shops of Nan Chanay everywhere in Lahore so people use to go with it. Secondly if we compare it with Nan Paye then it is lot cheaper to have daily. One can have Nan Chanay in just Rs. 30/- but for Nan Paye, one is suppose to have at least Rs. 75/-

Butt Nan ChanayWhen we come to specifically Nan Chanay business then there are hell a lot of shops here in Lahore. They are in every area of Lahore and yet every area has their own famous Nan Chanay shop e.g. Model Town has ‘Goga Nan Chanay’ as their favorite, Faisal town has ‘Shahi Nan Chanay’ as their favorite, Mughalpura has ‘Lasani Nan Chanay’ as their favorite and so on. You name each area and there is a famous Nan Chanay provider of the area. So it is very hard to name only one Nan Chanay shop which is famous in whole Lahore.

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