Iftari And Sehri Deals In Lahore 2010

All Restaurant’s Iftari and Sehri deals are arranged in alphabetical order

Post updated on 04-09-2010: Iftar deals of Nando’s, Dunkin Donuts and Student Biryani added to list. Further there is a long list of Iftar deals in our comments below to this post. Moreover you can find Iftar deals here at tossdown.

Post updated on 12-08-2010: Iftari deals of KFC, McDonald’s, Domino’s, Nadeem’s, Fazal-e-haq / Fazal-e-Haq Dera and Gourmet Restaurant has been entered.

Lahore is all about eating and when it comes to Ramadan, each restaurant in Lahore gives the Ramadan deal which includes Iftari deals and Sehri deals. Mostly restaurant focus on Iftari deals, however some restaurants have also tried to give Sehri deals which became famous in Lahore and they are now On with Sehri deals too. I’ve attended a Sehri deals in recent year where they put the left over food of last night’s Iftari and this way they maximize their profit by reheating last day Iftari’s food. But in fast food stuff like KFC and others, they make fresh stuff. Find below a long list of Lahore’s restaurant and fast food Iftari and Sehri deals. Keep on visiting as I’ll keep on adding more restaurants in the list as they issue their deals. Continue reading “Iftari And Sehri Deals In Lahore 2010”

Iftari And Sehri Deals Karachi 2010

All Restaurant’s Iftari and Sehri deals are arranged in alphabetical order according to Restaurant’s name

Post updated on 27-Aug-2010: Added Iftar and Sehar deals of Latte Lounge, Mirchi 360, Pizza One. Special 10% discount coupon available for Mirchi 360 exclusively from eatntravel.pk

Post updated on 24-Aug-2010: Iftar and Sehar deals of Royal Rodale club, Rangoli Restaurant, Ramada, Jade Garden, Dynasty in Avari Towers, Cafe 95, Asia Live in Avari Towers, The Diner, Sakura in Pearl Continental, Dumpukht in Marriot Hotel, Safrond, Kabab-ji in Sheraton Hotel and Sawadika has been added.

Post updated on 13-08-2010: Iftari deals of KFC, KBC, McDonald’s, Avari Towers, Indulge, Roasters, Mela, Kahva, Student Biryani, Cafe Aylanto, OPTP (One Potato Two Potato), Pizza Inn, Shan-e-Mughlia, Hotel Mehran, Lavish Dine Restaurant, Marcopoloinn has been entered.

Eat n’ Travel lists all the deals in one post for our readers & fans to decide where to Iftar & eat Sehri from. This is an incredible achievement that has never been done in any other blog/website for sure. Here comes all information about Iftar Deals and Sehri Deals for Ramadan 2010 in one go. Continue reading “Iftari And Sehri Deals Karachi 2010”