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Few days ago I’ve seen road hoardings in front of Punjab University Lahore about a new fruit drink. That fruit drink name was Kooler which is launched by a company named Al-hilal. Now just after few days I see some different bottle on same road hoardings at same place. I was amazed that what happened to the bottle, there is a little difference in it. Bottle design is little different and even the ad is little different. The name of company was same which was Al-Hilal but there is something different, something is changed here. Well I stop at the signal and got a time to view ad carefully, oh, it’s not the old ad, it’s a new one. Same company has launched another drink, but this time, a soft drink with a name of ‘Boomer’.

What happened to that company, they have launched two different kind of drinks at same time and promoting them at same time but not one of their drink is available in common market. I’ve neither seen that fruit drink ‘Kooler’ anywhere nor this soft drink ‘Boomer’ in the market. I don’t know where are they supplying these drinks because there are not available in mass market. Secondly what company think to launch two drinks together. Well I don’t know what there strategy is but they are not working on distribution.

This soft drink ‘Boomer’ by al-hilal is available in three flavors which are Cola, Lime and Orange. Typical three flavors offered by any company who came in this soft drink business. Due to unavailability I haven’t tried this drink yet so don’t know about the flavor and quality of the drink. Wish they could have work out better to beat already existing soft drinks. If I get the chance to try any of these drinks then I’ll write about them meanwhile if you got that chance then let us know how that drink is?

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  1. Hey! I’ve tested these drinks and pretty much like them. They are basically fizzy fruit drinks. I know it doesnt sound nice but it does taste nice. They will be available in the market soon enough.

    Source: My uncle is one of the two partners of the Al-Hilal group (fresher and sultan oil etc) 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen this in the market but I guess if Al-Hilal wishes to distribute the drink, they can because they have a very good distribution system for Fresher juice.

  3. When i was in Lahore last year, i was addicted of FRESHER.

    Too good and pure but when i came back to Karachi, i was mad searching this even i called company to know if available in Karachi but unfortunately nobody responded me property.

    Few months ago i saw FRESHER here but didn’t purchase because don’t wana addicted again. LOL

    Now KOOLER and BOOMER.
    I can’t wait to see in Karachi.

    Their website never works.

    They’re good in production in term of taste but very “daboo” in marketing.
    Their management should look into such ‘small’ thing which leaves ‘big’ impact.

    If anyone know about availability of KOOLER & BOOMER in Karachi, please email me imran.rajani @ hotmail dot com.

    1. Thankyou for your comment about the website. I will inshAllah convey your regards/advice about the website to both the owners of the company. They are my very close friends and so i’ll tell them about it.

      1. Dear Sir,

        I would like to get in touch with export department at Al-Hilal Foods that
        deals with Fresher Juices in plastic bottles.

        I am interesetd in importing this product into USA and Canada.

        Kindly guide us to the right personal or department if possible.

        Thank you in advance for you help and cooperation.

        Asif Mian

        Saarbaan Foods

      2. Bro m distributor of sultan ghee and oil which is also product of Al-hilal……….during my experience i have noticed that they have very poor management but they maintained their quality…… plz fwd my msg to them that plz pay attention on marketing advertisement and be good for distributor……………..last year itried much to get BLU water by Alhilal but they didnt respond whole year………..

      3. hi

        can i find any one from the marketing department in al-hilal foods. its quite important if i can find a reference so that i could talk over to any one. please forward me or my number to them 03222122522. i await for a reply

    2. Today got Kooler and Boomber.

      Shocked that Kooler 300ml cost is Rs. 50/- and boomber 1.5L cost is Rs. 55/-.

      Kooler is too expensive as compare to taste.
      Boomer is cheaper than Pepsi/Coke but can’t beat taste wise.

      ** Very Disappointed **

      The only product i like is Fresher.

  4. Even in Lahore they are only available at limited places. Well I’ve been only able to get my hands on their fruit drink with the name Kooler and my experience with that was so awful. I’ve now tried two of their flavors 1. Orange and 2. Mint. I like the Mint one but it would seem to many people as they are drinking the mouth wash.

    They have tried to do different stuff, I guess creative, which I don’t like. Let’s see how market take it. Secondly I’ve not seen their soft drink ‘Boomer’ in Lahore market yet. Not know about Karachi

    1. Nabeel bhai both boomer and kooler are available currently in limited places. Al Hilaal expects a market breakout inshAllah after Ramzan. Abhi you can purchase all flavours of Boomer and Kooler from Swera Store near Shadman Market, Lahore

      1. Assalam o alaikum
        Mohammad bhi me Boomer aur Kooler ki distribution lena chahta hn. so please mujhy inka contact no. de dain. aur agar koi aur information ho to wo be send kar dain.

        my contact
        cell no: 0321-4733026

    2. So Mohammed either I’ve to go all the way to Sadman market to have it or I’ll wait that they will come to store near to my home. Hmm.. I guess I’ll go for the second option 😉

      Secondly will that be a good time to launch a drink in September, near to winter. I believe they should launch the drink well before starting of summer season

  5. Today got Kooler and Boomber.

    Shocked that Kooler 300ml cost is Rs. 50/- and boomber 1.5L cost is Rs. 55/-.

    Kooler is too expensive as compare to taste.
    Boomer is cheaper than Pepsi/Coke but can’t beat taste wise.

    ** Very Disappointed **

    The only product i like is Fresher.

    1. Company is putting much investment in promoting their Boomer drink but unfortunately they haven’t focus on distribution yet. Kooler is in my Not-to-drink list permanently. Unable to get my hands on Boomer yet

  6. Respected sir,

    we want to buy soft drink boomer distribution/agency in much investment or security areas are allow and their complet information and procedure will be required.

    I am waiting for your kind response

    Thanks and Regards

    Rizwan ghaffar


  7. today i tasted boomr orange 1.5 litre it was not like coke but its better than pepsi and i know pepsi and coke will not allow them to keep thier chiller /////thats why you cant look in the market of this product you need to work more to promote this product but inshallah it will take share from pepsi goodluck

    1. I love to know that local companies are beating those big two giants. But Al-Hilal have a very good distribution channel as they are supplying their ‘Fresher’ drink at large, so I guess they could also do good distribution of this drink too

  8. yar today i hve seen a advertisment of boomer in news paper and glad to see it is a product of hilal i know if the owner of any company is sound then product could not fail im already in beverage bizness in rwp and i want to establish it in this mkt.

  9. if any mgt member have seen plz contact. my father hve a distribution of AMRAT COLA and my cousin hve gourmet dist.

  10. Dear All,

    If any one have any brand image & brand detail of Blu Water, so please share with me…

    would appriciate your support…
    Besr Regards,
    M.Saleem Yousaf

  11. my name is m.majid ali from Rahim yar khan. i intrested boomer drinks distribution in Rahim yar khan. i request to you give me distribution in my city. plez tell me term & contact no 0334-6988525

  12. sir ,
    wants the franchise of courmet cola in rahim yar khan plz tell me terms and conditions thanks my mobile no is 03129670935


  13. Boomer k pani me dum ha but managment acitive nai ha .
    t.v advertise nai ha .
    es ko gorment sa price me kam hona chaye .
    Distributor k lie sachems honi chahye ta k marketer es per tuwaja dain.

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