Snow Falling In Murree


Me and three of my friends were very eager to experience the snow falling. All of my three friends haven’t experienced the snow falling in their life. They all were very excited and pursue me to make this trip anyhow. They were continuously checking the weather report of Murree. We got the signs of snow falling last Friday on weather report. So everyone was ready to leave on Wednesday. I wasn’t in a mood but they push me so hard that I was unable to resist them anymore.

Journey Starts:

We plan to leave at 9 in the morning but it we left after 11 am. One of my friend has to come through all the way other side of city from M.E.T 2 society. Rest of us three, live in Bahria Town. He came in time and we get ready to move on our own car. Motorway was our option and we started our journey.

I always pack the snacks for the journey. It usually consists of soda, chips, gums, biscuits and chocolates.

Before leaving we do the breakfast at recently opened McDonald’s branch in Bahria Town. Though my friends don’t like it much, they prefer desi food but we were already late.

On The Motorway:

Motorway always happens to be a pleasant road. We always love to travel on it. It saves lot of time. Only problem on motorway is the smoothness of the road. People often go to sleep while driving which become extremely dangerous.

We only stop for prayers and keep it going. We’ve already planned to have our food at Islamabad.

Supper in Islamabad:

We go to Savour Foods (Pulao and Kebab) each and every time we visit the capital. This is our favorite food in Islamabad. We just can’t miss it…

Keep Moving To Murree:

We only stop for supper, says the Maghrib prayer and keep moving towards Murree. The city with snow falling. We start receiving news about snow falling in Murree so we try to rush. We don’t waste any extra minute and move towards the Express Highway.

Express Highway:

This is a road like motorway, very smooth, one way road but on the hills. Express Highway will take you to Murree without any bumps. It is also for those with motion sickness. The old way to Murree has many turns and heights which create nausea.

First Encounter With Snow Falling:

We reach to our place. It was a house of one of our client. As we open the house and take a look, we found the presence of mice our there. It was unbearable, so we talk to the gatekeeper if we can find any house on rent for a night. Luckily we got one with no mice in it.

We plan to stay there for a night and move to any hotel by tomorrow. This place was like 2 km away from Murree Mall Road.

We put our stuff in the studio apartment and get in the car to go to Murree Mall Road.

While moving towards the Mall Road, first we have rain, then white tiny balls started to rub our windscreen. Oh yes! this is the snow falling we’ve always craved for. Yes this is the first time in our life. Let’s stop the car. No keep moving forward, we’ll have more on Mall Road. Let’s stop it… No, let’s keep it going… Well, we kept going. Yes it’s on Mall Road too. Let’s find the parking. Oh no… It stop. Why it stop so early… We are not fulfilled yet.

Murree Mall Road:

Happy faces, full of joy, full of energies, just came to enjoy the weather, enjoy the vacation, that’s what Murree Mall Road is all about. You walk freely, leaving all your worries behind. Nice weather, lot’s of shops, variety of food.

We also play video games over there, which we used to play 20 years back. Revolution of computers time, when we don’t have those game consoles like Xbox or PS. When we use to go to shops having video games in it. Our parents don’t liked it back then and often punishes us for being there. Those games are moved from main road to downstairs but same location. That is near to KFC on Murree Mall Road.

After that we order a Pizza. We also had a little snow falling there too. Took pictures and come back to our apartment.

Search Of Snow Falling:

Next day we have only one plan. Keep driving upwards on the hill until we find the snow falling. We pick the Nathiagali as our destination. We check out of our apartment, put our stuff in trunk. Wear the long coats and mufflers. It was really cold. Temperature was 2 degree Celsius.

As we move up towards Nathiagali, we found more snow on the trees and hills. Wind was chilly, road was slippery and weather was trying to welcome the expected snow falling. We were also worried if roads get closed due to heavy snow. We want to enjoy the snow falling but don’t want to get stuck into it. We get more frightened when our car get stuck on slippery snow on the road.

Let’s Go Back:

We stuck due to the other car. We were coming in a momentum and we can go through that little slippery ice. But the car in front of us got stuck and certainly we stop too. Then there was a short line of cars behind us. Car stuck in such a way that no one was able to come from other side.

We were already afraid of getting stuck, so we decide to go back. We move our car back and start going down again. On our way back, we stop our car and play with the snow at the side of road. We through snow to each other. I fell down on slippery road while trying to run in defense. After a while we all get warmed up due to running and playing with snow. We get in car and decide to try once more to go to Nathiagali.

Now I can Die Peacefully:

Well moving again upward to Nathiagali worth a shot. This time road was open. You have to drive in low gear and don’t stop on ice. We drive for some time and as we reach to Nathiagali, where we found our dream.

Snow starts to fall gently. It’s like white cotton buds falling from sky. Small snow flakes were like sprinkled sugar on our black long coats. There we enjoy it fully. Snow starts to fall in a good speed now. We stand there in the snow for a while. Enjoy the moment. Try to grasp that memory for rest of our lives. This is the first time for all of my three friends to experience the snow fall in their whole lives.

One of my friend was just saying one thing repeatedly “Now I can die peacefully”. He’s like, he has seen everything he want’s with his life. So satisfied, so calm and relaxed.

Lunch And Down To Islamabad:

We had our lunch there. That was obviously the famous chicken of Taj Restaurant. Now there are two Taj Restaurants over there. They say that both have same recipe. We’ve tried as well and didn’t find any difference. This is his brother who started separately but with the same name.

People over there told us to better keep going as this snow fall could create road blocks. This way you could get stuck for few hours. We had our lunch and quickly move down the hill to Islamabad.

We don’t use the Express Highway because we’ve to refuel our car. We found the petrol pump at Sunny bank. From there it was good and fast to use the old route. We use the old route but we all feel motion sickness while driving down. This route has so many turns. We really had a bad experience from this route.

Back To Home:

After staying a night in Islamabad. We move back to our home town, Lahore. This time, we were coming with a life time experience. It would sound very weird to those who already live in cold countries or cities. But people in Pakistan, especially from the Sindh would really know the importance of this experience. Here in Pakistan, people really don’t have this experience in their whole life.

Your Experience:

Right now it’s snow falling in Murree. Those who wish to have the experience can go on. Just keep in mind that you might have to stuck in snow for several hours. But still this is the experience you should have.

Share your first time encounter with snow falling down in comments.

5 thoughts on “Snow Falling In Murree

  1. Well, really enjoyed ur story of seeing the snow fall for the first time, i hv been trying for three years to go to murree when its snowfalling but either miss it or on our way bak from murree we come to know it has started but we cant return as we are in bilal daewoo. You were lucky to get it on first attempt.

  2. The Mall is the main strip of Murree with shops, markets, hotels and restaurants. It is the main focal point of Murree and the center of major economic activities. Once a historical central area, is today full of shops selling a multitude of things for the tourists as well main point to stroll, eat, sleep and meet people who come to visit Murree from all over the country.

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