Season Of Ice Lollies

Summer in Pakistan attract all ice cream companies to create different ice lollies. Here people love to have ice stuff in summer. All ice cream companies knows about this and launch different flavor of ice lollies in summer.

Here we have two big competitors which are Walls and Omore. Walls is an international brand which has came up with this ice lolly shown in photo and all time favorite ‘Jet Sport’ which is an orange ice lolly. This ‘Jet Sport’ is my friend’s favorite ice lolly and he only order this whenever he gets a chance. He always try to buy more than one at a time in sunny summer days.

On the other hand we have Omore company which is a new company and working hard to compete Walls. Omore has come up with nearly 3 different ice lollies in this summer. They are trying to give creative flavor in ice lollies. Out of all these I love Omore’s ‘Jellicks’ in which there is jelly flavor inside which is a soft jelly kind of ice and outer is a strawberry flavor ice. I like this kids kind of flavor mostly so my second option is also Omore ‘Bubble Gum’ flavor ice lolly. These kind of flavor are not available in Walls.

What are your favorite ice lollies for this summer?

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