Sea View, Karachi

Today at 6pm clouds started pouring their blessed water in Karachi. It was such a lovely weather that I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying it and celebrating the beautiful weather with my friends. What could be a better place to visit other than SEA VIEW, the best of the best place in Karachi.

Let me give you an over view of Sea View, it’s actually corniche of Karachi. The moment you reach sea view road, you see beautiful heart throbbing waves splashing and hitting the edge. Lots of people go there to see the sunset, and many even go there to see the sunrise, people jog/walk there and many rich lads bring their horse for horse-riding on seaside (who would miss if one gets an opportunity).

Many bhutta Wala’s, goley gandey wala, Kehwa, Chaye wala are roaming there to serve you. But now there are many take away outlets there that have all the cuisines from Pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, rolls, biryani, juices, coffee, tea etc.

Not to forget Pizza Hut van there, a drive-thru McDonalds, Salt n pepper Village, Floating Boat, etc (hope I didn’t miss any)

{All updates on these places will be given to you in my next article, keep reading}

Well coming to my experience again, it was raining and there were a lot of people there, it seemed like people were waiting for rain desperately. We went to the drive-thru of McDonald’s and parked our car there, and sat on the benches outside the outlet. We saw sunset there and one of my friend actually switched on songs in his car, which actually jazzed up the whole environment.

After sunset, normally people think that it might get dark there and dangerous but let me tell you it’s so bright there, that you might find a dropped common pin because there are so many lamp posts with brighter lights in them and many cops roaming around for security.

It’s a safe and calm place where waves that might seem quiet have so much noise in them that many a times people get afraid of these waves, especially when oil spills in the sea or when there is cyclone news, sea view road gets closed for security purposes. Not to forget, one can’t date there because of our efficient Karachi police. So there is no chance for youngsters to do anything 😛

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  1. Hey ! ! ….nice blog….. u have written absolute and true .
    SEA VIEW is a lovely place to enjoy…. i really ever miss that all…

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