Purple Haze

A flight of stairs paneled like a cave’s walls leads you through a glass door in to a sanctum dimly lit in purple called the Purple Haze Cafe. Everything from the rocky ceilings to the plush velvety cubicles, and the art on the walls is done in purple, the color of magic.

The aroma of the blueberry sheesha wafting through the chilled air, trance music blaring through the speakers and the purple glow gives the whole place an aura of hushed mystery and puts you under a spell.

The café has a karaoke bar lined with brass statues which light up in orange hue at night and renders the atmosphere even more enchanting. Besides that they are equipped with a flat screen to play music videos and new flicks.

 An à la carte menu listed with sumptuous meals ranging from ravioli to ravishing prawns or you could order snacks like club sandwich, even their French fries have the power of making you ravenous, and such is the taste of the food.

Alongside, they have an exotic offering of tropical juices, scrumptious shakes, rich lattes and mouthwatering desserts to seal the deal to the best evening out. Purple Haze Café is the perfect dining experience.

Purple Haze Café is very different from the regular cafés in town. It is designed with an ambiance to transport you to just another world.

3 thoughts on “Purple Haze

  1. what a review without event the slightest mention of location.. that’s a WOW!! 😛 please don’t forget to write the whole address at the end of the review/article….

  2. Review well written, I expect other reviews to be of similar qualitity. However the writer missed the location and prices of this restaurant.

    Please include a Picture if you write another review.

  3. The address and contact of the Purple Haze Cafe is as follows:
    66C-68C, 25th Street, Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase 5, D.H.A.
    Karachi, Pakistan.
    Tel: (92-21) 3-586-0941, 3-582-4651

    The menu is priced in a pretty affordable range. The items are listed between Rs. 200 – 2,000/-

    My bad, I forgot to include the details when I wrote the review.

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