Pizza Place In Faisal Town Lahore

two-pizzasPizza is one of the most junk food eat by all over Pakistan. Well last night I met with my friend’s Nauman and Wasif. I and big Nauman were hungry. We were deciding what should be eaten this time. Wasif who was sponsoring offered us to have ice cream but Nauman denied and we settled down for pizza.  Small chain outlets of pizza normally offer buy one and get one free  all the time.  We found the “Pizza Place” near to ‘Ravi Restaurant’ – Faisal Town.

Nauman insisted to ordered large pizza but Waisf already done dinner so I said two medium sizes will be enough to use with offer buy one and get one free. The price mentioned on the menu is Rs. 480/ for medium pizza. We ordered supreme and fajita flavor. We entered in the dining area and started waiting, dining area was normal, after 15 minutes pizzas were in front of us.  We started eating Wasif also took two pieces. So big Nauman was not pleased with two medium so we decided to one more small pizza don’t forget “1+1”.

Well I and Nauman ate all the four pizzas with 1.5 liter of coke. In the end when bill came it was exceeded because price of supreme medium and small were 525rs and 300rs. If we eat other than supreme so they were available at 480rs and 280rs. I thought these types of pizza chain are doing business because of offering “1+1”. This type of offer always attracts but there are earning profits due to small size of pizza as compare to ‘Pizza Hut’ and ‘Domino’s’ and off course quality.

If you go there in between 12pm-3pm, you will get 10% more discount with “1+1”. Pizza place is also offering other junk food packages.

4 thoughts on “Pizza Place In Faisal Town Lahore

  1. Having Pizzas without me, tell me where it is exactly in Faisal town and do they give delivery service, if yes then share there delivery phone numbers. Thank you

  2. Well where exactly in Faisal Town?
    Strange, no phone number and no street address for Faisal Town branch??

    1. You must have seen Ravi Restaurant on Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, take a right turn from there and you’ll find Pizza Place after two to three shops

  3. The pizza is just ok for people who just like cheese and chicken on a nan. The only thing attractive about Pizza Place is their buy1get1free deal and their delivery service is good too. Forget to dine-in with your family. But don’t stop eating it on my account. Doesn’t beat pizza hut or Fri-Chicks near Gourmet in FaisalTown near Akbar Chowk.

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