No-Shahi Chanay At Kotha Pind

Chanay and NanNoshahi Chanay is situated on Faisal Town Main boulevard which has Model Town at one side and Faisal Town at other. That place is famous with the name of ‘Kotha Pind’.This is the same road which has Cave restaurant at one side and at other side it get connected with Akbar Chowk. In a way it has also Gourmet Restaurant.

This is a very active road in which came flats of M-block Model Town. In these flats mostly students live which came from other cities to earn or learn in Lahore. As they are in different cities and everyone is not a good cook so they use to eat from outside. Front and ground floor of these flats are mostly consisted of restaurants or food shops.

In these restaurants there is a big and attractive board of Noshahi Chanay. We friends go there to have Nan chanay from them. One of my friend has earlier experience with them which was good. Well as a Nan Chanay eater if you ask from me about matching it with other famous names like Goga or Butt Chanay then I’ll strongly Not recommend it. These were just like an other Nan Chanay which are enough good to eat but not to list it in good books. Though it has a very good outlook and a good atmosphere as compare to other restaurants nearby.

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