Multan – A Quick Look

I believe it is very ungrateful of anyone to leave all the worldly comforts of their home and venture out in the real wild world. I practice this belief by studying and working from home, which obviously makes everyone around me envious of me, and from time to time they find reasons to make me leave the sanctuary of my comfy home. Their most recent conspiracy resulted in me taking a two day trip to Multan.

Multan is called City of Sufis, I didn’t know this, but this is what wikipedia says, and after visiting Multan, I am sure they are right. The city is full of shrines and tombs of famous sufis. Out of these, tombs of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakriya & Shah Shams Tabraiz are most famous. More on these in later post.

Other than that, Multan is just like any other big city in Pakistan, it has same crowded roads, same kind of markets, same thela walas selling wares besides the road, same pollution (okay, pollution might be a bit less than Karachi and Lahore), load-shedding and pretty much everything else. Temperature is much warmer here (actually it is one of the hottest place in Pakistan), nights were relatively cold these days, but according to the locals, it is just temporary, soon the nights will get hot too. I didn’t get to meet many locals but those I met appeared to be much nicer and warm-hearted than most people in Lahore, I can’t make any generalization by meeting such few people, but they’ve left a good impression.

There are also few parks, which I stayed away from and instead went to eat apparently famous samosas of nawan multan chawk (New Multan Square). I really liked those samosas, they were half the size of samosas usually available, but were very tasty. If nothing else, I would like to go back just to eat those.

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