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Lahore is all about eating and people love to have different food experiences here. There are many food stuff famous in Lahore and considered as specialty of Lahore. Among these we could name as Nan Chanay, Nan Paye, Barbecue, Gurda Kapora etc. Let me tell you that Nan Chanay is the most eating breakfast in Lahore. Well I won’t say most favorite but it is the most eating breakfast. I’ll give credit to Nan Paye for most favorite breakfast of Lahori people but people use to Nan Chanay mostly in breakfast. There are two reasons for this, Firstly it has become a culture and there are shops of Nan Chanay everywhere in Lahore so people use to go with it. Secondly if we compare it with Nan Paye then it is lot cheaper to have daily. One can have Nan Chanay in just Rs. 30/- but for Nan Paye, one is suppose to have at least Rs. 75/-

Butt Nan ChanayWhen we come to specifically Nan Chanay business then there are hell a lot of shops here in Lahore. They are in every area of Lahore and yet every area has their own famous Nan Chanay shop e.g. Model Town has ‘Goga Nan Chanay’ as their favorite, Faisal town has ‘Shahi Nan Chanay’ as their favorite, Mughalpura has ‘Lasani Nan Chanay’ as their favorite and so on. You name each area and there is a famous Nan Chanay provider of the area. So it is very hard to name only one Nan Chanay shop which is famous in whole Lahore.

But I’ve heard from many people, living in different areas believes the best Nan Chanay of Lahore are “Butt Nan Chanay” at Model Town link road . I’ve tried them and no doubt there taste is awesome and here I would only talk about the taste. There is one thing about ‘Butt Nan Chanay’ that they are available in the morning for some time like their food finish at 11 pm so you have to come earlier then that. It is not that they have less food but they have so much crowd at their shop that your turn came after long time. People stood their for much time just to have one plate of Nan Chanay. They doesn’t have proper sitting space to eat there, very few benches but many people have their food in their cars.

Now when we come to the taste of Butt Nan Chanay then really its unmatchable. It has a special mouth watering taste with less gravy in it. And it becomes more wonderful when they add green spice on it. Eating that Chanay with spice make experience greater. I can’t explain that taste in my own words anymore, you have to go there to taste that delicious breakfast. Price of one plate with egg is Rs. 35/- and if you add a chicken piece than price would increase. If you choose to have plain Chanay then it would be of Rs. 25/-

Butt Nan Chanay crowd
Crowd at Butt Nan Chanay Model Town Link Road, Lahore

Well it is what I assume that ‘Butt Nan Chanay’ is the favorite in Lahore but if someone asks me about my favorite Nan Chanay then I would name ‘Fazl-e-Haq‘ Nan Chanay. They are not in the business from the start or from when Butt sab is selling Nan Chanay but they have come up with real traditional food and covered the whole Lahore up. They are selling the traditional food in good conditions but still have prices to beat the local traditional market and they have become successful in this too. They are selling Nan Chanay for Rs. 30/- plus additional cost of Nan. Their Chanay has a different taste in which you also feels the essence of Ichar which is a famous add on for meals. It also has less gravy as considered to typical chanay but tastes so good that if I get a choice then I name to have ‘Fazl-e-Haq Nan Chanay’. So which one are your favorite Nan Chanay in Lahore?

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  1. well, I use to remember in old days, “Hakim gee kay cholay” were very famous (at Ramgarh). Its a long time I had tried any of these chanay at Lahore. But my youngest brother loves chanay and I hope he will also find this post very useful.

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  2. hi! I have copied some of ur text for writing to a tip on butt breakfast cox i find ur english better thank mine.Thankx 😀 .

      1. Sorry nabeel I was reading about butt naan cholay are u sure they close at 11pm or is it 11am because 11pm is like open till late 😉 rest of it is good info thanks for sharing I love ashique k chanay in sadar cantt and I love it most if your mix some yogurt with it, it makes it tastier depends on your taste buds as well. you might not believe but that street use to be full during lunch Time when I use to live in Pakistan nearly whole airport staff eat there thanks again I remembered one more lovely taste its somewhere around kutbudin tomb that guys mix paay shorba with channy that makes it awesome.

  3. It was a great honor having the CEO and COO of Allshore visit Pakistan and our ofcife. We had a lot of fun and most importantly had so much work done and the higher management meetings were a definite success in pulling us all in the right direction. Looking forward to the next event very soon.

  4. mein ne aj tak Goga naqibia, jalal din , shahi etc k khaye chanay but best of all TOOBA Restaurent Lakshami Chowk (Tabbaq k sath) lage. they are same like Ghulam rasool k chanay. but blck peppet ki wja se ziada spicy hote

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