Metro Anniversary

Metro is an international wholesaler market chain. In Lahore they have two stores; one near to Lahore international airport and second at Thokar Niaz Baig. They are celebrating their anniversary with lots of promotions and discounts, so it is a great time to shop and get discounted quality products. Time to time many stores like Metro has started here in Pakistan and now it is becoming a culture of big stores. It is ease for customers and people love to go to shop in such big places.

If one go on Sunday at such stores, like we have Metro, Makro and Hyperstar (Carrefour) in Lahore till now. It is full of customers and become hard to cash out as there’s a long Que to pass that cash counter. Many people leave their trolley because of that crowd. This thing tells us that how many people love to go at such places for shopping. It is a big opportunity for investors to invest in such place where people are crazy to shop in such marts.

Some people shop there for ease. For others it is also becoming a fashion to shop from such stores. Moreover these stores have wonderful promotions and unique products which no one has. These promotions attract people a lot. So these days if any one wish to enjoy the promotions can visit Metro. Happy shopping…

2 thoughts on “Metro Anniversary

  1. I reckon people have realized there consumer rights. The regular shops never let you analyze the product whereas one can compare prices and details of a product at these massive departmental stores.

    I remember a couple or years back, or even more, that Tesco had surveyed Pakistan’s market and will be opening up their renown franchise here as well. Tesco is amongst the most successful and largest home shopping place originating from Britain. However it’s a pity that a new government came in and instability in Pakistan rises to its best ever, Tesco returned back to Britain without another update.

    1. I believe after all this instability in Pakistan, these international super store chains are doing well here. I mostly shop from Metro and Hyperstar. Hyperstar (Carrefour) is always full with customer. They are generating so much revenue from Pakistan.

      When a person looks from other country, Pakistan seems to be the instable country. But when you are in it, everything seems quite normal, which doesn’t effect such super stores especially. I’ve only experience increasing cutomers in such stores. It is still a big opportunity

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