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The name; Marble Stone always make me wish to taste it at least once. For some reason this name create a very creamy tasty image in my mind, I may not consider the ‘stone’ part in it. While driving on M.M.Alam Road I always wished to go there at least once to taste it but never did. I thought it would be very expensive.

So one day I took my wife, couple of thousand bucks in my pocket assured that no matter how expensive it is, it won’t be of thousand rupees, and choose the least crowded branch; Fortress Stadium branch. I asked the complete details of there flavors, mix-ins (toppings), ice cream price and every thing they offer.

Their one scope which they call ‘Like it’ is of Rs. 120, two scopes which they call ‘Love it’ is of Rs. 210. Adding cone or waffle would increase the price, click on below pics to view prices and mix-ins they offer. Whether you go with mix-ins or not price will remain same. I tasted the blueIce cream cups berry and mint flavor first before ordering it. I had never tasted the mint flavor before and it was simply great. Cold ice cream in mint flavor in summer is like the second best thing. First would be swimming I think. I took these two flavors with ‘berry berry berry good’ mix-in.

Now there was another challenge when server (person standing behind the counter) ask me: ‘Sir would you like it to be served with waffle, it would bring a crispy taste’. I’d never tried it before, so two thoughts came in my mind. First one according to my nature to always try new thing, lets try it. Second, I would be embarrassed if I didn’t figure out that how to eat it – embarrassed in front of no one there except my wife (to whom you can never impress). So I took the regular cup proudly and had a full spoon of ice cream fill with lots of blue berries and other stuff on it. After having first spoon I said, I got a new ice cream on my list. The whole mix-in thing was a great experience. Good thing about ice cream is that it’s topping lasts till your last spoon (no pun intended), which helps to enjoy the full flavor.



Sorry for the flash light of camera, photo without flash is blurry.

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