I’m arranging a series of interviews with authoritative persons of eating places mostly. I’ll post here before the interviews so that reader can put their questions too. First interview is tomorrow with Student Biryani’s personal. Let me know your questions in comments; what you want to know about Student Biryani.

Further I’ll let you know a few days earlier so that interview can have more interesting questions.

7 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. Hello Nabeel its nice to see this segment starting on your blog I’m really looking forward for it.

    Please ask him about their future expansion plans and are they franchising?

  2. Hi!

    I have lived in Karachi for quite a time and have visited food placed including Student Baryani. I cherish for sea fish prepared at PECHS stop. There is nothing special in Student Baryani. There are already so many baryani makers in Lahore and don’t forsee any siginificant place for Student baryani.

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