I’m In Kamra

Yesterday my Mom planned to visit her elder son living in Kamra. Kamra is a small place in Northern Punjab where I believe nothing important is. It’s not possible to miss my daily morning classes so there ain’t any plan but urge to visit new places¬†pursue¬†me, n my heart says ‘let’s do it’, let’s give a leave for morning classes. I call my senior and says that I’m going to visit my brother and I’ll be back in three days. Plan was to come today but I didn’t wait to miss another day and said to my mom that let’s go now. It was 6 pm and we all get ready to move. We say our Maghrib prayer and get out of house at 7 pm.

During journey I took rice from KFC (on Motorway) which make my stomach ill. It is still not in a good condition to eat everything out here. I haven’t tell about it to anyone so I can have all that food which my eyes wants. Well it took almost 6 hours to reach to Kamra where my bro was waiting for us at toll plaza. His house was 10 km from that toll plaza and after reaching his home I slept for long.

Now we are having our lunch in little time and then moving out to river shore. Afterward we’ve planned to go to Atak city and visit famous places and famous eat out over there. Let me know any exciting place you know which I should not miss in this short tour.

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