Iftar Deals in Gujranwala, Gujrat and Sialkot 2010

Firstly Gujranwala, then Gujrat and then Sialkot deals are written. All restaurants are in alphabetical order under each city.

Gujranwala Iftari Deals:


Rs. 650/- per head.

Marian Hotel, Star 4

Per head Rs. 795/- in Tax


Rs. 545/-

Royal Garden:

Per head Rs. 77O/-

Shelton Hotel:

per head Rs. 685/-

Usmania; The Chain Of Usmania

Rs. 650/- per head
Above are Gujranwala best places for Iftari deals. Others are not so good.


Akbars Resort:

Rs. 877/- per head

Kinara Hotel:

Rs. 550/- Platter
In Gujrat only these two places are good. Others are bad in repute.



Rs. 600/- per head

Hotel One of PC:

Rs. 545/- per head

Pizza Hut:

Rs. 700/- per head

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