Hyperstar’s First Anniversary

So it’s Hyperstar’s first anniversary and they have given many great offers from 6th May, 2010 to 17th May 2010.  Discounts, Lucky Draw and certain Daily Activities. Yesterday Hyperstar was so full that you can’t get enough space to move freely. Check out counters was so full that some people leave their filled trolleys. Hyperstar is always that full in weekends but yesterday it was too crowdy, might be because of additional anniversary celebrating offers. Remember that as per Govt. laws Hyperstar also closes at 8:00 pm so check out the time before going to shop there. Let’s check out their offers below:


Minimum 10% Discount:

They are giving minimum 10% discount on grocery products and the prices of many products are less if we compare it to market price. Plus there are offers like buy two, get one free. Buy certain product and get another free with it. 10% is the minimum discount which means that products could have more than 10% discount. One thing to note while buying a big discounted product is it’s expiry date. Products are not expired but their expiry date is near so they place the sale to finish their stock. If you have to use / consume that product in couple of days then good to go for heavy discounted products. If any company is giving discount price then it would be for their product awareness or to spread their product. But if Hyperstar is offering a heavy discount then do check the coming expiry date.

Lucky Draw:

If you shop for Rs. 2000/- between their anniversary celebrating days then they will give you a coupon by checking your shopping receipt. Coupon has a bar-code on it which you has to scan on a big machine they placed in Hyperstar. As you scan the coupon, lights will start to round in between seven chances to win different products and one chance of ‘sorry, next time’. I’ve come to sorry part four times, but get disappointed because you can scan that coupon one time everyday until you get a prize or the anniversary celebration ends. Prizes they are giving in this lucky draw are:

  1. 32″ LCD T.V.
  2. Trip to PC Bhurban (Two days for a couple)
  3. DVD Player
  4. Mobile Phone
  5. Gift Vouchers
  6. Cinema Tickets
  7. T-shirts

I thought they will give T-shirts and Cinema tickets more often but I’m surprised that I’ve only heard about the big prizes yet. On 6th one person win a mobile phone (I don’t know the phone specs). On 7th, my younger bro saw a person taking a 32″ LCD T.V. (Sony Bravia) and while shopping he also heard an announcement that someone won a PC Bhurban trip. Yesterday I’ve seen a person wining a DVD player in front of me.

I’m so excited with this lucky draw as it seems to be real and one has got many days/chances to apply from same coupon.

Daily Activities in Store:

Other then lucky draw and discount on their Anniversary they have have come up with different daily activities which are also applicable after you do the shopping of minimum Rs. 2000/- but there are timings for each activity. You have to check the certain activity time to have fun. Their daily activities are like:


Coloring Competition For Kids: (4:00 pm – 8:00 pm)

This competition is on first floor at stationary selling area. Kids got colors and pages to with drawings to color in it. One kid who won the competition get the prize from Hyperstar. This activity seems to be without shopping but it is only for kids.

Free Photograph: (11:00 am – 4:00 pm)

This will be going at first floor in front of photo section. I haven’t seen this activity, but as it is inside the store so I think it would be also without shopping of Rs. 2000/- but I’m not sure about it.

Face Painting For Kids: (4:00 pm – 8:00 pm)

This activity is on ground floor in baby’s section.

Hina on Hand: (4:00 pm – 8:00 pm)

At coffee shop which is right behind the check out counters on first floor. You have to show them the receipt of your shopping that it is above or equal to Rs. 2000/- then at each receipt they will design your one hand with Hina (Mehndi).

Free Cake on Your Birthday: (If Today is Your Birthday)

If your birthday is in between Hyperstar’s anniversary celebrating days then go there on your birthday, shop for minimum Rs. 2000/- and you’ll get a free 2 pound chocolate cake. Don’t forget to bring your ID card as they check your birthday from card. If it’s a baby or under 18 years of age then bring birthday certificate. This offer is for first 30 people everyday but don’t worry about it. On 6th May only six to seven people claim for birthday cake and on 7th my younger bro was the first one to have a cake at 6:00 pm.

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  1. hi
    congratulation on your Ist year you have really perform good job for us and it is first time in pakistan like this store very nice but sir some product are very very cheap quality for example
    DISPLAY please store quality management open your eyes

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