Hot Fuzon At M.M.Alam Road

Sheesha bar at Hot Fuzon M.M.Alam Road LahoreRecently many cafe started in Lahore and has become successful to gather a certain kind of community to their cafe. These cafe are running well with their one of the attractive item of Sheesha. Sheesha is a new form of Hukka which was used earlier here in Pakistan. At countryside Hukka is still an entertainment and people love to use it. It is kind of smoking which is becoming obsolete nowadays.

Sheesha has came here in Pakistan through Arab countries where youngsters use to have this. It is considered a safe smoking or fun smoking in which youngster think that it has no harm and give you a chance to add yourself in smoking league. Youngster do stuff which will make them unique or special. Or sometimes they do stuff to remain in certain community of friends. They use to have Sheesha for fun without knowing that it also used a special kind of tobacco in it and continuous usage of Sheesha will might make them a real tobacco user.

Well Sheesha is now widely available in almost every cafe and girls also use to have this experience, mostly university girls which go out with their class fellows. As it has become an attraction so different cafe use it to gather more community.

I attended a program in Hot Fuzon at M.M.Alam Road Lahore. This cafe is located right below famous Cafe Zouk at M.M.Alam road near to Gulberg mini market. This is a famous place for cafe and other restaurants and also considered as modern food street as it has many restaurants on one road.

Food plate of Hot Fuzon M.M.Alam Road LahoreWell I’ve never been to Hot Fuzon after then but that lovely food plate in photo reminds me that special food experience over there. I still remember the freshness and softness of food. I love chocolate brownies and that brownie is one of those which I search all the time. Oh, that means I should go there again to have it. Well besides brownie this plate in photo has all the stuff of Hot Fuzon M.M.Alam Road Lahore which were good. They all were very fresh at the time, now I should go to see whether they are always fresh or it was just because of that special function we had over there.

Let me know if you had any special experience at Hot Fuzon M.M.Alam Road Lahore or tell me about any other cafe you found interesting or special.

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