Hardee’s at M.M.Alam Road

Guest post by: Mr. Shaharyar Siddique


So finally I visited Hardees; well it was not the first time I visited there but it is first time for me to write an article for eatntravel.pk.

Well when I reached the counter the one counter was operational and the rest two was closed. I asked the person behind the machine that please call the manger of the branch, he got surprised and little confused, he thought if I talk about the closed counter and there services, but I was just in plan to meet so that I ask the manager to
take pictures.

Anyways, first me and my very good friend Mr. Aneel placed an order. Then a manager came there and introduced himself in little confused manner again. I just wondered that why those guys were so confused. I have introduced myself that I am from eatntravel.pk and I just want to take some pictures of the menus and also want to discuss some lines with him. I asked him about the closed counter first and then he answered that it was close just because the lack of customer at that time (it was around 12:30 Night). I told that; ok. Anyways I started discussion with him about their service his role and responsibilities and about the taste of their burgers and sandwiches. He answered very politely this time and also allowed me to take the pictures of the price listing over there. I started taking pictures, when I was on 4th picture to take, a man came and shouted at me that stop this please. I wondered that what is that, this man was looking a general employee of Hardees. He stopped me to take pictures, and then I introduced myself again to him and told that I was allowed to the manger of the branch to take pictures. But he was not looking convinced. I asked him about his role; he replied that he is Manager Operation there.  I was again surprised because he was looking in very odd uniform and was not presenting as Manager Operation at all. Anyways the story is that I asked him too to take pictures and then he allowed me to do so after a long conversation.

I also noticed that we have not yet delivered with the meal we ordered there. I told him about this and he returned with an excuse. At the end we got our Jalapeño Chicken Burger and Jalapeno beef burger (it was for me)  after about 12 to 15 mins. Compared to Mc Donald’s this time is high.

Food Experience:

Hardee's drink When I took the bite I found it a pleasure on me. It’s delicious and very good in taste. Well, The burger is huge in size and more then enough to full the tummy in single go, specially if you eat it as a combo deal. In total I gave the 8 out of 10 marks in burger market. The French fries are same as KFC Mc Donald’s . The worst thing in Hardees is its drinks, there coke is just like a juice and it is really really odd with the kind of burger you are eating at the price of 380+ PKR/- I really hope if they change the drinks and also suggest that please provide the disposable drinks with their quality burgers.

In my early visit I did taste their Star Burger Combo. I would also like to share my comments on that too, well star deal was not bad but it is more like the Mc Donald’s Royal burger. And the taste and size is almost same. In summarized words I can say that it is tasteful burger experience but with little immature management. The drinks quality is worst ever available in market.

Hardee’s Menu:

Find below the pictures I took there which has complete Hardee’s Menu:

Hardees-menu-5 Hardees-menu-1 Hardees-menu-2 Hardees-menu-3 Hardees-menu-4

21 thoughts on “Hardee’s at M.M.Alam Road

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  2. Hi,
    I really shocked when read this article.First of all Why manager talk in Confuse Manners.Here’s responsibility to satisfy the customers.Also fix the problem politely and take action who will serve this type Food.People are our business people whose visits these brands with out your feed back we can’t improve these things.During shift manager has main role all this type situations.

    Many thanks

  3. Thanks buddy, i’ve been looking for Hardees’s Pakistan’s website or menu on the web but couldn’t find anything. Thanks for the pics n the information.

    1. You are welcome Majid, Hardee’s Menu is hard to find as they haven’t publish prices of their burgers on their leaflets. We’ve took these photographs with permission of Hardee’s so everyone can have it 🙂

  4. whenever i visit lahore..hardees is the must go place while i am going out at thokar niaz baig..i really love the buffalo chicken burger…and the jalapeno chickn..the best thing is the rates are almost same as Mc.donald or KFC..with additional feature of Refilling your drink..( the most alaaa feature 😉 )

  5. Hardee’s is definitely awesome. I’ve never had burgers this size in Lahore that actually filled my appetite. Their fries are crispy and unlimited drink what more one would want. I’ve had all of them and I still crave for more…

  6. hi!
    I have a place here in Rawalpindi saddar. I was looking some kind of franchise here when I found your article. Give me the wise suggestion, do I star with any franchise? or which is the best ?

    1. If you are planning to have Hardee’s Franchise what best can you think of. But I believe Super Asia company who have rights of Hardee’s in Pakistan would prefer to start their own outlets.
      If you are looking for other Franchise to start with then it is a good boost to start with a good name and you don’t need to work hard. If you start with your own name which has more profit in looong run, then you need to work very hard. Choice is up to you

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