One of the best international ice-cream, actually American brand but franchises are available all over the world. I had this ice cream first time when I was in Paris and a friend of mine introduces me to this brand in a way “have you ever tasted Haagen-Daaz’’? I said no, and then straight away he took me to the market, buy me a 500ml cup of Haagen-Daaz. This was the first time when I had this ice cream and after that I was a fan of it. I recently had it in Manchester and thought I should have shared it with people. So in my opinion, THE BEST, and the good news is this, it is also available in Pakistan. There is no proper parlor of it but it’s very easy to find it on Esajee. Price is bit expensive comparatively but if you are ice cream lover then it’s worth having it once. So try it and enjoy it. IMG_1113 IMG_1111

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