Gulabi Bagh Gateway And Tomb Dai Anga

Above photos is a gateway to Gulabi Bagh (Rose Garden) and as we pass this gate, there is a tomb of Dai Anga (see description below). This is a historical building and constructed in truly Mughal style architecture. Recently our Govt. has taken some action and put some lights on it which glow up this beautiful artistic piece of building.

This Gateway and Tomb Dai Anga is on G.T. Road near to U.E.T. (University of Engineering & Technology) Lahore. It is easily visible from road but gate is always closed and people use to jump over the fence to go in there. But these visitors don’t come to see the beauty art piece or enjoy the garden but to sit privately, have a chit chat, can smoke and use drugs. Some part of this garden is occupied by illegal houses which lessen down the beauty of park. Below is the description written about Gulabi Bagh Gateway and Dai Anga’s Tomb.

Gulabi Bagh Gateway:

This Gateway is the entrance to measure garden which like so many other gardens at Lahore has now disappeared. It was constructed by a Persian Noble Mirza Sultan Baig who was “Amiral-Bahr”(Admiral of fleet)

The name of Gulabi Bagh (Rose Garden) has been mentioned in laste line of the inscription over the arch way, which describes the kind of the garden, and the date of its construction (1066 AH – 1655 AD) It measures 47+35 and is profusely decorated with mosaic tile work.

Dai Anga’s Tomb:

Behind the Gulabi Bagh Gateway and on the site of the former garden, lies this mausolueum of Dai Anga, the wet-nurse of Shahjahan. She was the wife of Murad Khan, a Mughal magistrate of Bikaner. She was the founder of Dai Anga’s Mosque at Lahore. The Quranic inscription on the wall of the tomb chamber ends in the name of the scribe, Muhammad Salih, with date 1082 A.H. (1671 A.D.), which seems to be the year when the tomb was completed. Built in burnt brick on a square plan, the tomb stands on a low platform underwhich lie the actual burials in subterranian chamber. The mausoleum comprising of a central tomb chamber and eight rooms around it, was once beautifully decorated with enameled tile mosaic work. The roof bears a low pitched dome on a high neck and a square kiosk in each corner supported on slander brick pillars. The original two cenotaphs have been replaced later by the existing brick built oves.

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