Gourmet Twister Changes To Dew

Gourmet DewGourmet bakers has come into many different product lines in which one of the famous product is their soft drinks. This is the only product of Gourmet bakers which is also available on other stores rather than Gourmet bakers only.

Gourmet bakers has first developed a strong branches system in all over Lahore and then in other cities too. They have launched round about 100 branches in Lahore only so whatever they launch get to 100 selling points instantly. Those selling points are also accepted well by the people. So they sell all of their Gourmet products from their own Gourmet stores only.

Soft drinks on the other hand is only drink which is available in those cities too where there is no sign of Gourmet Bakers. They have distributed this drink with different strategy and done mass distribution of it. They have different flavors in soft drinks substituting almost all the big brands in Pakistan. Recently they have launched Gourmet Dew which is not a new drink but new name. They were selling this drink first with the name of Gourmet Twister and giving substitute of Mountain Dew but I guess people won’t have figured it out so they have to even change the name of their drink.

They have just change the stickers on the bottle from Gourmet Twister to Gourmet Dew which I guess have must increase their sales. If yes then there experiment has become successful, if not even then they have given a clear name for duffers.

Gourmet soft drinks have taken a share in soft drinks market and I’ve seen many people using Gourmet soft drinks with their meals. Their 1.5 liter bottles are more successful than small ones.

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