Goga Nan Chanay

Goga Nan Chanay

When you wake up in morning and your stomach ask you for some Lahori breakfast then one option that comes first to your mind would be Nan Chanay, which I believe is the most eating breakfast of Lahore. You would find Nan Chanay everywhere in Lahore. Each area would have its own special shop for it. But some becomes more famous that people from other areas also go there to have a breakfast. One of them is ‘Goga Nan Chanay Wala’ in Model Town.

It doesn’t serve for breakfast only but this is the time when his shop has maximum customers. It would cost you within Rs. 50 to have a special breakfast included a cold drink. And you must know that these kind of restaurants give you food re-fill for as much time as you want, but that plate should be for one person. So if you are true Lahori, which love to have street food then go and have it and leave your comments about its taste.

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