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Question: Which season you like most, Summer or Winter? and Why?

My Ans: Mostly it happens where summer season is long, people like winter season like in Pakistan. And where winter season is long people like summer season mostly.

But apart of this philosophy I like summer season even I stay in Pakistan because I like long days, more sunlight, more time to wander and work.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Question

  1. Deffo Summer. Always can bring the kids to parks, out to BBQ’s with family. Love having the kids home(most of the time) to have time with them before they go back to school in the fall!

  2. Between summer and winter I’m going to say winter but really I love the fall! Winter is better because it gets way too hot here in Texas but the winter isn’t really a winter at all. lol – I think it gets maybe 30 degrees some times.

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