Food Festival In Mall Of Lahore


Mall Of Lahore is a project by Bahria Town. It is in Cantt at Afshan chowk; Rahat Bakers is also on same road. It is a building which has expensive apartments in it. In the building they have many food outlets but it is not a rushy place. Now they have started a food festival to attract a large market to their building ‘Mall of Lahore’. Food Festival has following famous food brands of Lahore under one roof. These all food brands are collected from different parts of Lahore to give a cultural food experience at one place. Firstly food street was doing it, but after the death of food street there ain’t any place where Lahori could go and choose from the famous Lahori food brands at one place. Mall of Lahore has given a good chance but sad thing is that it is for a limited time offer. They should keep it for long, might be they do it after looking the response of people.

  • Saadiq Halwa Poori (Gawalmandi)
  • Phajja Siri Paaye (Regt.)
  • Arif Chatkhara Tawa Pees
  • Javed Kulfi (Darugha wala)
  • Bhatti Taka Tak (Lakshmi chowk)
  • Waris Nihari (Anarkali)
  • Hanif Chappal Kabab (Seven UP stop)
  • Butt Sahab Chanay Walay (Model Town link road)
  • Irshad Bhatti Karahi Tikka (Lakshmi chowk)

Timings are from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Keep it in mind and enjoy true famous Lahori food in one place. Place is air conditioned so don’t worry about the weather.

6 thoughts on “Food Festival In Mall Of Lahore

  1. Here my little review of the place, I saw your post and asked my friends we should visit.

    We went there a couple of days ago and It was brilliant. I had Sindhi Biryani, Hanif Bhai’s Chappli Kabab and Arif Chatkhara’s Tawa Chicken.
    Biryani was totally amazing, I never had such tasty biryani from anywhere else. Although, Biryani at Yasir Broast is amazing too. Tawa chicken was OK! Not like the real Arif Chatkhara which is at Texali.Chicken went dry in just 10 minutes.

    Service was Poor, Roti was coming out late and Drinks weren’t so cold. I had to ask for Ice. Also had a Piyala of Tea from there, It was good.

    At of course, being at Mall of Lahore means you have to check out Outfitters, Levi’s store n Crossroads, so keep your pockets hot when you go there. Plus, Shops close early like around 8pm but Food Festival Remains open till late.

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