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Ok ok, I know it’s last year news that Hardee’s started their first branch in Pakistan. And from whole Pakistan Hardee’s choose the right city to start with, yes they start their first branch in Lahore. Lahore is the most foody lover city of Pakistan where people were dealing with few quality burgers. KFC started their ‘Mighty Zinger’ couple of years back which was a good attempt to beat the Lahori hunger. And now Hardee’s jump in with their thick burgers for true Lahori stomach.

Hardee’s is an International brand which is United States #4 fast food restaurant burger chain after McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s (source wikipedia). Their specialty is charbroiled and thick burgers.

Hardee's BurgersSo Hardee’s started their first branch in Lahore at M.M.Alam Road which is a central place for eaters. Then it started it’s second branch at Thokar Niaz Baig which is exit of Lahore, so those who are going outstation can have a Hardee’s deal with them. I went to Hardee’s as they start their branch but there was a long line and I wasn’t in a mood to stand there for couple of hours to have that experience. But Lahori are crazy for food and they stood there for hours to catch their thick burgers.

But how could I resist such experience, so one fine afternoon I pass their drive through with my two brothers and got three different kind of burgers. One was ‘Mushroom and Swiss Thick Burger’, other was ‘Super Star’ (which they display on every advertisement) and third one was ‘Chicken Fillet’.

Mushroom and Swiss Burger

Mine was ‘Super Star’ but I tasted other two as well. Chicken Fillet was fine but when I took the first bite of their ‘Mushroom and Swiss Burger’ I simply didn’t accept the softness and juiciness of the burger. I took another bite and enjoy it’s taste, then I took another bite and get to know the complete taste of burger. In beginning, I was little afraid that how to eat this huge burger but after having the ‘Mushroom and Swiss Burger’ experience, I realize, it’s not that difficult. There are two options in this burger, whether to have regular or thick one. We ordered thick one so it has a big charbroiled meat piece in it. Taste of meat mix up with lots of mushrooms in it and create one of the most delicious burger of Hardee’s.

Super Star Burger

Super Star Burger at Hardee'sOh! I forget to tell you about my ‘Super Star’, I was just enjoying others burger first. So ‘Super Star’ seems to be the biggest burger of Hardee’s and I think it is. It has two charbroiled meat pieces in it which are not thick if we look both pieces seperately but together they make a huge burger. It seems to me like ‘McDonald’s Big Mac’ which also has two pieces in it but I don’t like McDonald’s only because of mustard sauce they use. Well every one has different taste, I know some people who like McDonald’s due to that same mustard sauce in it. Hardee’s ‘Super Star’ has a different taste with fresh salad in it. I don’t like tomato but I can bear them in burgers.


Check out the bottom of this previous post for price of their each burger with photos. Their deal has a special offer of free re-fill of soft drinks.

9 thoughts on “Finally Hardee’s

  1. its a good burger provided hardees dont use dawn buns like mcdonalds if hardees did the same then their burgers will become shitty!

  2. Last weekend, I had a visit to Hardees with my family, located in Islamabad, Pakistan, which is the first ever Hardees branch in Pakistan. We ordered the famous burger Superstar after looking at the exotic picture thinking it would be really tasty, thick and colorful as it was shown. But when our order was served on our table, we were really regretting about our two decisions, one to visit Hardees in the first place and second to order the Superstar. That so-said superstar couldnot be even called a flop star. The so-called “THICK” burger was actually very thin. The two layers of minced meat kababs in the burger were so much over cooked that it was almost black burnt at the edges giving a very bad taste. Also there were chunks of cow fat in the kababs which when comes in the mouth, giving a gag reflax.
    Now as their restaurant gained popularity, they just seems interested in making more money by selling more and more burgers without much concerning about the product quality.

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