Enjoy Last Days of Halwa-Jaat

In winter season most of the sweets shops start making halwa-jaat. Halwa is a special type of sweet which has intense sugar and considered one of the tasty dish in Asian part of world. It has many kinds according to ingredients used in it. But I’m here talking about Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa), Daal ka Halwa (Pulse Halwa) and Paethey ka Halwa (Pumpkin Halwa) which are made by sweets shops.

Having these hot Halwa in cold winter is a great treat. That hot Halwa made with desi ghee is a real yummy deal to have in winter. My favorite among these all three type of Halwa is Daal ka Halwa however most people like Gajar ka Halwa. I start hating Gajar ka Halwa when I had a home made once. Home made Halwa has less khoya (milk thickened by heating in an open iron pan). Khoya make these Halwa tastier and when I again tasted Gajar ka Halwa from sweet shop which has more khoya, I started loving it again. But still my favorite is daal ka halva.

Well whatever your favorite is, enjoy it now, as they will be soon removed from sweets shop. They are only available in winter and as spring has already started and we are moving towards summer so enjoy the last days treat of halva.

Butt Sweets v/s Gourmet Bakers:

Now there are many sweets shop who make it, but among all of them Butt Sweets is one which is considered as a better one. Few days ago I tasted there Halwa, I bought all three of there types to taste and compare it with Gourmet Bakers Halwa which I often had.


Everyone believes that Butt Sweets Halwa-Jaat is tastier than anyone out there in market but I won’t consider it better than Gourmet Bakery’s Halwa-Jaat. I actually like plain halwa with khoya and yeah eggs could be a good add on. But not anything than that. In Butt Sweets halwa I often have some other sweet ingredients in my mouth. Secondly Gourmet Bakers’ halva is thick than Butt Sweets, so my favorite is Gourmet in this case. I’ve compare all three taste of halwa and found Gourmet better for me.


Other city doesn’t have Gourmet yet, but Butt Sweets make there outlets in very less number. On the other hand, here in Lahore, we have more than 100 outlets of Gourmet which make it available at every part of Lahore.


Butt Sweets price is Rs. 320/- per kg whereas Gourmet Sweets is offering one kg in Rs. 250/-


Whether I don’t like the taste of Butt Sweets halwa but still it is considered as best among other people. This is the reason that people prefer to buy from Butt Sweets, even there outlet is far away and it is high in price.

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  1. U should also try Shezan halwa as this year i tried the shezan Dal halwa and it is so far best as compared to gourmet and butt and if talk about the sweets i found the salman sweets so far above the all in lahore but sadly not much branches of salman in lahore

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