Domino’s Pizza; New Branch In Lahore


Domino’s came in Lahore in May, 2009 and in these ten months they have started their three branches in Lahore. First they started from Model Town Link Road and Y-Block, DHA (Defense Housing Authority) and now in hub of Lahori restaurants, yes I’m talking about M.M.Alam Road (Modern food street). However Domino’s mostly work for their delivery operations and kept very few seats for dine in people. However they have kept in mind this thing in DHA branch and now at M.M.Alam Road branch too. They have more seats there as compare to Model Town Link Road branch which has very few tables. Lahori people prefer more to dine at restaurant rather than home delivery; eating is our hobby too. In Lahore when someone thinks to hang out somewhere, we think of any eating place. We might don’t have other places or we don’t wanna go there; but due to either reason, our restaurants are full.

Pizza Delivery Experts:

Domino's-Pizza-Telephone-no. Domino’s is all about home delivery. Their slogan is ‘The Pizza delivery experts’. World wide they have many outlets which deals only in home delivery and no dine in service. However it is hard to absorb here in Pakistan or specially in Lahore that ‘one is not offering dine in service’. They have learned this lesson from Model Town Link Road branch and now trying to increase space of sitting area in next branches.

For home delivery their UAN no. is 111-DOMINO which becomes 111-366-466. This number is same in Karachi too, and if you want to have Domino’s Pizza experience at their outlet then check out their branches addresses in Lahore and Karachi.

In India we have seen many commercial ads about their delivery of Pizza that if they didn’t delivery Pizza in 30 minutes then it will be free for customer. I afraid this offer won’t be valid here in Lahore because it is difficult to deliver Pizza anywhere in Lahore with just three branches, and in 30 minutes.


Whenever I’m hungry, I’m talking about real Lahori hunger. Then I look for some desi stuff instead of having Pizza. So I haven’t tried it yet. But I’m afraid that people I know have bad experience with Domino’s Pizza. Whether people here wasn’t ready for different taste or whether Domino’s Pizza can’t match their taste, either one will be decreasing their market share. On the other hand, while driving, I’ve often seen their delivery bikes swimming in traffic jams to delivery Pizza; which means that they have a certain market. I’ll share my experience as I go there, meanwhile let me know your experiences and if you haven’t yet then try it and let me know your experiences. If you want to order it from home then have their Menu below.

Domino's-Pizza-Menu-1 Domino's-Pizza-Menu-2 .Domino's-Pizza-Menu-3

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