Tomb At G.T. Road Lahore

Buddu's Tomb at G.T.Road Lahore

This is a tomb located on G.T.Road Lahore near to famous university of Engineering and Technology (UET). Tomb is not  maintained and not in a position that people would go there to visit. It has a small gate in front which is mostly closed and there is no one to open that gate however it is not difficult to jump over it, and no one would mind it. Continue reading “Tomb At G.T. Road Lahore”

Pakistan Flood 2010

Every year we wait for the monsoon season to come and beat the heat of summer’s spell. The lovely rains that blossoms the trees and lightens up the atmosphere, the wonderful weather where romanticism revolves in the air for 2 months atleast. It’s altogether a lovely feeling throughout July and August.

But all of a sudden, this year’s monsoon actually brought sadness over the faces; it became a wrath of God. Every single province in Pakistan got traumatized due to the rains. As this year’s rain brought in a huge Flood, shattering houses, taking away lots of lives. From the top to the bottom, Pakistan is all under water. Killing Water!

What is happening? Such destruction? So much rain that not even dams can stop them? Did our Meteorological department know about such heavy rain falls and disaster caused by it? Was our irrigation department prepared? Did our ecological department plan about it? Did people have any idea how worse it can be? Did people prepare? Did people get time to think over it and prepare?

Obviously there is no answer.

The rains started, the sewerage system got occupied. People started running towards their home to take their families to a place where Continue reading “Pakistan Flood 2010”

Memories Of Jhelum River

The river Jhelum is called Vitast? In the Rigveda and Hydaspes by the ancient Greeks. The The river was regarded as a god by the ancient Greeks, as were most mountains and streams; Since the river is in a country foreign to the ancient Greeks, it is not clear whether they named the river after the god, or whether the god Hydaspes was named after the river. Alexander the Great and his army crossed the Jhelum in BC 326 at the Battle of the Hydaspes River where he defeated the Indian king, Porus. According to Arrian (Anabasis, 29), he built a city “on the spot when he started to cross the river Hydaspes”. (source: wikipedia)

Now I am living in Lahore, but I still got fresh memories in my mind about Jhelum river. Some years back I used to enjoy the bath in the river along with my friends. Our Parents were very strict and have an eye on us that I should not go for bath in river. But somehow we manage to escape and go to river for swimming. In the beginning we just swim on the bank of river but my parent’s caught me and then I have to bear a lot of insult. But we friend’s were used to be the father of Devil. We never stop and stared to discover other territories. We started to go opposite side of river. Continue reading “Memories Of Jhelum River”