Fazal-e-Haq Biryani

Biryani is one of our traditional rice dish and there’s a big competition against it. There are many brands which only deals in Biryani. Brands like Student Biryani and Biryani Express. They are biryani specialist and their main item is biryani and they also make it good. Lately I’d Fazal-e-Haq biryani because I didn’t find above two franchises nearby. It wasn’t matchable to those names so when ever you wish to had a biryani go to some proper biryani brand. Those who have a list of other dishes in menu are very often good with such special dishes. Continue reading “Fazal-e-Haq Biryani”

Foggy Morning

Guest post by Amna Bushra

bench in fog

Once, as usual i entered my college early morning.For the very first time i went to college that early just because of my young brother who wanted to reach college satti saweray (early morning)because he don’t like to face head boys of our college directly on main gate, he scares that they might capture him for some reason.Anyways, as i was walking through a long distant path from main gate to classes, that incipient gleam of dawn and foggy scene took my attention.For once i froze there and started to stare. Then i wonder what if i capture that picture and post it on “Eat ‘n Travel” haha 🙂

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Gourmet Now In Catering Service

Gourmet Bakers have gain a big name in Lahore’s market. They have also started their bakery branches in other cities too. Like they have started their branch in Rawalpindi. They are expanding their business step by step. First they came in to FMCG products like soft drinks and distribute it to other shops as well, rather than selling at only their own outlets. They have given many different product lines but this time they have came up in Catering Service. Continue reading “Gourmet Now In Catering Service”

Chicken Karahi At Lakshmi Lahore

In Lahore Lakshmi and Gawalmandi are considered as a base of Pakistani traditional food restaurants. Lakshmi is also a place which is full with Cinema and lot of people specially those who came from other cities came here to enjoy movies. When someone came for movie then they also need a place to eat. So restaurants started to do business over there and soon it become a famous place to have eat out.

One side of Lakshmi eat out places is also famous for one special dish; which is ‘Chicken Karahi’. There are many restaurants at this side of Lakshmi which is specialize in Chicken Karahi and serve them in special style. They all have same way of cooking this dish which you’ll see below in photos of each step.

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Poppy Chargha At Shalamar Link Road

Poppy Chargha Price ListChargha is a type of roasted chicken which is a famous dish in Lahore. We have various shops of Chargha here in every area. Some become famous by providing quality food and good taste. Poppy Chargha is one of them at Shalamar link road. Shalamar link road is one between Mughalpura and Shalamar chowk (which has Shalamar garden). This link road has become much a commercial place in recent years and many food shops and shoes shops are opened their.

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Hot Fuzon At M.M.Alam Road

Sheesha bar at Hot Fuzon M.M.Alam Road LahoreRecently many cafe started in Lahore and has become successful to gather a certain kind of community to their cafe. These cafe are running well with their one of the attractive item of Sheesha. Sheesha is a new form of Hukka which was used earlier here in Pakistan. At countryside Hukka is still an entertainment and people love to use it. It is kind of smoking which is becoming obsolete nowadays.

Sheesha has came here in Pakistan through Arab countries where youngsters use to have this. It is considered a safe smoking or fun smoking in which youngster think that it has no harm and give you a chance to add yourself in smoking league. Youngster do stuff which will make them unique or special. Or sometimes they do stuff to remain in certain community of friends. They use to have Sheesha for fun without knowing that it also used a special kind of tobacco in it and continuous usage of Sheesha will might make them a real tobacco user. Continue reading “Hot Fuzon At M.M.Alam Road”