Best Bong Paye of Lahore Or Pakistan

It is famous that “Phajja Bong Paye” is the best bong, paye in Lahore or say best of Pakistan. But some eaters of Lahore also claim “Haidri Bong Paye” to be the best of Lahore. It is situated in between Sadar and Dharampura, opposite to the gourmet bakery (Dharampura branch). I’ve been there several times and it really tastes awesome. One problem with it is that it is not available in the morning except on Sundays. It starts from evening till night and in Ramadan till morning.

Give it a try and let me know; Who is the best?

23 thoughts on “Best Bong Paye of Lahore Or Pakistan

  1. If you need the real delicious taste of Bong and Paey, you go through Anarkali towards Lohari, and at the end, before exit, you’ll see a road going left towards urdu bazar, enter it, and then enter the first let, after moving about 100/150 feet, you’ll see a rush of people, they all will be fighting for there turn to get NASIR BHAI’s Bong or Paey. But you’ll have to go early just after the Fajar Prayer, otherwise you’ll not be able to get your turn. It’s about 40 km from my home, I went there 3 times in last year but couldn’t get my turn even fighting for an hour and returned in sorrow because it lasts only for 2 hours maximum after it starts, but most of my friends and most people who ate it, told me that it’s the best Bong Paey in Lahore.

  2. @Nabeel
    Yes brother he’s a famous guy but among a specific community, because he don’t have a shop, no sign, he comes with his THELLA, even he don’t organized for sitting of people, people have to arrange their own sitting, Chatai’s etc, and their is no helper for them, and I’ve seen people “TARS RAHE THE K EK PYALA MIL JAEY BUS KHAANAY KO”.

  3. You are increasing my curiosity Najeeb, now I’ve to wake up whole night to go there earlier. Let me get free from busy routine and then I’ll go INSHALLAH. I’m thinking ke ‘akhir aisa kia hai us main?’

  4. @Nabeel
    Nabeel bhai I’m also so curious to find out what’s special in it but I told you I couldn’t get it even I went for it 3 times. I’m much crazy for it but I’ll try it in winter again with a friend who has promised that he’ll get it because he’s used to, otherwise wahan k mohallaydar he ap ki bari nhi aanay dete, ek hangama macha hota hae like “NASIR BHAI MAEN 3 BAJE KA AYA HUA HUN 300 KA DE DO, NASIR BHAI MUJHE 2 GHENTAY HO GAEY HAEN MUJHE TO DE DO, BLA BLA” ye scene he dekhne wala hota hae wahan, aur maen ne us k pas naan nhi dekhe, I think khud he le k jaanay hote haen bcoz aas pas koi dukan bhe nhi hae, I saw a person who was rushing outside that market, I asked him what happened, he told that He’s got SAALAN and going to bring Naans, he was so happy just like he won a war. lol

  5. I’ve also heard of another person at temple road, when you enter temple road from Abid market, he’s in a street on your right hand it the start I think, lot of my friends and relatives tried it and they told me to must go and try. I’ll ask his exact address and name and will tell you. Did you try Saeen’s kabab inside Mochi gate? Ummmmmm.. Delicious ! You can find me at facebook, Najeeb sabir, add me there too.

  6. I came from Isb for 4 days to Isb, read this blog and travelled all the way from DHA to Dharampura for this place, my review is this place “sucks”, I went there with 3 people, I paid the bill which was around 900, no big deal but I & another friend just too one niwala and we couldnt eat anymore,

    I have eaten Paya’s from two other places in Lahore and both of them were better than this one, though not perfect,

    Definately not recomended, if you like the feeling of sitting in a butcher shop with disgusting aromas filling your brain and worst soup of Paya, you can go there any day,

    Just my two cents 🙂

    1. Hello Guyz,
      By chance i went trought this page. Well, In my openion I am not very much in love with food (Lahori Khabey) But I would say i born inside of lahore(Lohari gate and spent my life untill i turned 20 and I moved to Samanabad). I know some good spots which should be there though i left pakistan from 8 years but whenever i came to pakistan i must went there to taste each of these.
      Here are some spots.
      Phajja Payee (Heera Mandi)
      Phajja Payee (Fazal Haq Heera Mandi, Wahdat Road and Model Town)
      Nihari (Muhammadi Nihari Inside Lohari gate and Mozang chowk)
      Fish (Bashir Darul Mahi Mozang Chowk)
      Lahori Channey (Ghulam Rasool Neela Gunbad, Outside lohari Gate and Model town market)
      Halwa Poori (Taj Mahal Heera Mandi)
      Pathoorey (Purana Mozang)
      samosa (Qasre Shereen Anarkali)
      Bong (Inside Lohari Gate “Shadaa” I dont know is he alive or no)
      Pakorey with eggplant (Inside Mochi gate “Badra”)
      Hareesa (Nisbat road gawalmandi)
      Taka Tak Lakshmi chowk.
      Biryani Lasani Lakshmi Chowk)
      Chicken roast (Tabaq Lakshmi Chowk)
      But becareful !!! There are some other guyz with the same names you have to explore well with the help of natives to pinpoint the right spots.

    2. 100% agree, i think the Haidry chap started this discussion, otherwise well, to be honest, you find better taste and better food even on footpath

  7. kindly give the cell number of anyone who is interested to purchase payee (Buffalo pada and cow) We are distributor of payee in karachi.

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