Bakeri Introduced Date Cookies

Bakeri Date Cookies

I’ve experienced date cookies first time while my visit to Saudia Arabia for Umrah. From then I’ve been fan of them but alas! it is hard to find in Pakistan. I get hand on some date cookies which were of imported but they were bit expensive and can’t become a daily snack. Imported company I use to eat have two different flavors in center filled cookies which were ‘Date flavor’ and ‘Fig flavor’, I love them both. Center filled Date Cookies are much common in country like Saudia Arabia where people love to eat ‘Dates’. Moreover Saudia Arabia has one of the finest dates in the world. Well let’s get back to those cookies

This Ramadan which has passed nearly half month ago, a re-known cookie company ‘Bakeri’ introduced their ‘Date Cookies’. I was so anxious to have them and I grab those as I see them in market. They are bit expensive too as compare to other biscuits by same company ‘Bakeri’. It has a small pack of Rs. 10/- which has only three pieces of ‘Date Cookies’. Well I tried it and become a little disappointed as they haven’t filled the ‘date paste’ enough. I wish they put more filling of ‘date paste’ and try to give a wonderful experience as I had in my visit of Saudia Arabia. I’m not satisfied with these date cookies which are now easily available in the market. Let’s see what feedback they get from other consumers and will they carry on this product or not.

They have launched the product in excellent time, Ramadan, when people do iftar and use to eat dates. In Pakistan, we have very less culture of eating dates as a fruit but in Ramadan we love to eat them as it is also a Sunnah to iftar fast with date.

Well it is a good creation for the consumers of Pakistan. Now at least we can’t say that we don’t have date cookies in Pakistan. Though I’m not impressed with their taste but their effort is good. I wish they could improve it little by putting more filling in it.

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