Welcome To Lahore “Salman Sweets”

‘Mathai / Sweet Lovers’ would be aware with the name of Salman Sweets which are one of the famous sweets food chain of Pakistan. They started from main bazaar of Wazirabad (small city in center of Gujrat and Gujranwala) but they didn’t get much fame there. Afterwards they started branch in Gujranwala which at once picked up by the market and they become one of the famous sweets of Gujranwala. Their specialty are halwa and pateesa plus they made their all sweets in desi ghee which is very good for health and tasty as well.

So if you wish to have a good sweets experience then you had limited options but now this Gujranwala’s most famous sweet chain has opened their first branch in Lahore on Ferozpur Road near Tamasil Theater. Shop remain open after midnight and they have plenty of variety to choose from. They suggest you to eat their sweets early because their sweets have more moist and less sugar so don’t kept it in their packing. Either eat it early or keep it out of box somewhere else. Though you can’t resist to kept it for long…

Nowadays it is hard for me to find a tasty Gulab Jaman even Nirala Sweets which is one of the famous in Lahore can’t make Gulab Jaman of my choice. Don’t ask about Gourmet’s Gulab Jaman, they are pathetic (I started hating Gulab Jamans after eating theirs’). So after a long time I tasted a delicious Gulab Jaman from Salman Sweets. Their Gulab Jamans are so soft and yummy that you can eat as much as you wish, although their specialty is halwa and pateesa. Look at my box of sweets having almost all the variety of Salman Sweets. Taste them all and choose your favorite to move on…

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  1. SALMAN sweets were introduced to me almost three years ago by a deer relative and i could not get over the taste and texture of their different pateesas. Anwer bhai sent me those sweets here in USA with a few friends and anyone who took a bite still remembers it. This time during my visit to Pakistan, it was heavenly to have access to the shop and I may have eaten at least six KG during my two weeks of stay in Lahore. The owner is very particular about his sweets and will not sell anything if it does not meet his strict quality control ” taste”.
    If you just want some desert after your meal , go to SALMAN and ask about their different products. They will give you enough samples that you will not want any extra sweets for few day, even though myself and my three nephews had KASURI FALOODA after visiting SALMAN.

  2. @Muhammad Q Choudry: Thank you for introducing SALMAN Sweets to me. At last I found a tasty Mathai shop here in Lahore.

    @Jalal Hameed Bhatti: You’ll definitely love it…

  3. One of my relative have tried something called lachcha there round in shape in a wrapper. They loved it. Well nabozi thank for this article. We were searching for the shop and ur article help. It seem like u travel alot.

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