Water Land, Shahdarah – Lahore


When you get an offer to go to water park in summer, then how can you neglect it. My friend offered me a trip to water park in a fine and hot Sunday noon. Time was perfect, day was perfect, but I’m sorry place was not.

We have water parks like Sozo Water Park which is the best of Lahore. Actually we don’t have much options, so we say that ‘Sozo Water Park’ is better than all others. And you come to know about its goodness when you unfortunately visit any other water park.

My friend took me to Shahdrah, right across the river Ravi. From there we pick up one of our ex-colleague and move towards “Water Land Park”. I thought it is outside the city so we would have a quite enjoying time, but I was wrong.

Whole park was flooded with the people who just want to have a pool full of water whether its clean or not and whether they are clean or not. How could I complain that they didn’t take shower before going into the pool if people were already enjoying in their sleepers while swimming.

It was hard to resist that I’m at the swimming pool and could not dive in it. But after looking at crowd and cleanliness it was easy to decide to not to swim. I just took the shower and photographed rest of my time there. I manage to convince my friends very easily to get out of there and lets go home to have something to eat.

Our ex-colleague makes the day by presenting us chicken barbecue with rice. Lunch was awesome and we spent rest of our day in his home. It was late in evening so I didn’t get time to visit other famous places there, next time maybe. But for sure I’m not going there for swimming next time. Be ware and try the only reasonable option of ‘Sozo Water Park’ we have.

If you are not aware then look at below pics, Take care.




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