Wall’s Badami Stick

Wall's-badami-stickRecently Wall’s ice cream introduced a new ice cream stick with the name of ‘Badami Stick’. Badam is the urdu of almond, so this stick has almonds pieces on it. I believe this ‘Badami Stick’ has came after the Omore ice cream’s ‘Shahi Kulfi’. They both are competitor and if one gives any new thing then other has to compete it with a better product.

Ice cream companies give this kind of stick in country like Pakistan specially where there is a trend of having Kulfi. Kulfi is a traditional ice cream stick which is made with condensed milk. It is mostly covered with almonds and pistachios. These ice cream companies are giving the substitute of Kulfi which is not easily available nowadays. Earlier there were kulfi walay everywhere, in the streets, in bazaars but now they are hard to find. Among those kulfi walay some has made the shops and become very famous. Baba jee kulfi walay in Lahore for instance.

Wall’s advertised about their ‘Badami Stick’ very much on T.V. which push to me try it for once. It is little different with traditional kulfi and those kulfi which ice cream companies make. It has a hard crispy crust outside on which these all almonds are pasted. When you break the crust, then a liquid kulfi flavor fluid comes into your mouth which makes your mouth happy. If someone has tried Wall’s Feast (white one) then it has the same crispy thin crust outside which this ‘Badami Stick’ has. I like that touch of crispy crust with liquid kulfi flavor fluid which becomes thick if refrigerated for more time.

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