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lunch place in Chirat

This lunch table shown in above photo is not on ground, it is on a mountain, 4000 feet above sea level. This place is known as Chirat where I’d a lunch with my family, above the mountains, in the clouds with beautiful landscape all around. While moving above the mountains I praise ALLAH at each level that how beautifully ALLAH create this world, these mountains, how beautifully these trees are planted on sloppy mountains. How lush green these mountains seems from distance and those trees seems to be bushes on it. As we came near to these mountains we come to know that these are not bushes but long length trees and mountains start looking more beautiful. How many trees we have on every single mountain. Those green trees on huge rocky mountains seems so beautiful.

One thing is beautiful landscape and other is cold weather on these mountains. This cold weather add more enjoying environment. Specially in a country like Pakistan where we have summer for 8 months, people love to go on cold places. These high standing mountains have cold weather over there which force us to bring out our sweaters and jackets. Wearing jackets in summer? How enjoyable… This is one of the lovely rejoicing moment while traveling to Northern part of Pakistan. Pakistan is such a blessed country where we have all the seasons plus mountains and beaches in a same country.

Summer is just starting so those who hate summer and load shedding in summer should take a long break to visit those Northern areas of Pakistan and enjoy cold season in summer.

4 thoughts on “Visit To Chirat

  1. Today (16 May 2011) repeat 16 May 2011, I have received a mail from Eat’n Travel, wherein vsit to Swat Vallay has been given for attraction to tourists.
    It is regretted that it has been about the last year invitation that of July 2010 and not for any interest for the tourists who wishes to visit Sawat on discounted rates.
    Will you please look into the matter and update your emails sent to your clients.


  2. Dear Nabeel!
    I roamed across your blog and found it so original. It seems that all the stories are coming straight from the heart. I loved to read about the best shwarma in Lahore and also the 2nd best one. I am a hobby blogger myself and you can see my travel blog above. Though I do not update it very often but I definitely want to update frequently. Hope my plans work some day 😉
    You can also see my other blogs in my blogger profile ….. I am sure that you will like my postcard collecting blog and stamp/covers collecting blog.
    Best Regards and keep up the good work!

  3. Chirat is one of the eye caching places in Pakistan. If someone loves nature and want to spend some time in peaceful environment than it is the best place to visit. I guess Chirat is the place of haven. I am planning a trip and this time it will surely be Chirat.

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