Traditions in Better Conditions: Fazal-e-Haq




Some eating places in Lahore are like Goga ChanayHaidri bong payeetc. have outstanding taste and become famous for any special dish. But they have low quality environment which means you can’t go there with family. On the other hand there are some places like Nando’s restaurant or others on M.M.Alam Road which has very good environment but you can’t have the true Lahori desi style food over there.

Fazal-e-Haq has combined these both factors and gives you true Lahori food in good environment. Their earlier restaurants were not in good condition but as they are making new branches, their restaurant condition is improving. I’ve been to many Fazal-e-Haq branches, best one I think is… one at Fortress Stadium.

Their speciality is Paya Curry, Khud, Zaban, Maghaz etc. however they also have other typical continental dishes on their menu. Last time I’d experienced their ‘Chicken Daig’ from Wahdat Road branch. It was just normal, not so good, that I wished to order my typical dish; Paya Curry.

They have one good thing about their plain Nan price, which is not Rs. 30/- or Rs. 15/- like other restaurants have, it is of Rs. 6/-. Other special Nan prices matches with the typical restaurant prices.

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