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captain-cooks-shawarmaShawarma is an Arabian dish which has become so famous in Pakistan. This is actually about the vinegar salad, special sauce and grilled meat (chicken or beef mostly). Salad of Shawarma give it a unique taste but unfortunately there are few in Pakistan who can make that kind of Salad. Still no need to get worried, we have our own version of Shawarma, as we do with all other dishes. People has done some experiments with Shawarma and came up with their own taste. It has basically all those ingredients which International Shawarma has but those are made by their own way. Everyone has it’s own Salad choices, some put more vinegar, some less, some put cabbage in it, others not and lot of other variations in salad make each taste separate. We got more choices to try on.

Firstly I like to have food in its own taste to feel the real taste. Secondly there are many who have created their own kind of taste and become very famous, of course their change is good and I liked them too. In these my favorite in Lahore is ‘Cock ‘n Bull’ which has awesome Shawarma Platter. My favorite dish over there is ‘Beef with Cheese Platter’. However my elder bro insisted to try this ‘Captain Cook’s Shawarma’ in cantt. He praises about their ‘Chicken with Cheese Shawarma’. Well how can I not try any food stuff, specially if it is so strongly suggested.

Near to Dubai chowk, right next to VIP Store there you have ‘Captain Cook’s Shawarma’. They are close in day time and shop opens in evening. I visit there to have Shawarma and come to know that they are offering lot of other dishes too which included Chinese rice, biryani and the list goes on (check out their below menu with prices as well). Well I’ve to check out their Shawarma for now so I order ‘beef cheese Shawarma’ because I prefer beef instead of chicken. However my whole family has asked for ‘chicken cheese Shawarma’. They have sitting in open air, a small kitchen at back where they bake or cook all other stuff except Shawarma. They make Shawarma on a stall outside. One thing about Shawarma that there stands are always in open air and dust here might add a little taste and hygiene in your food. In this way ‘Cock ‘n Bull’ is a better option which has their setup inside.

Back to ‘Captain Cook’s Shawarma’ where they were making a Shawarma for me. Chicken Shawarma is widely eaten and everyone’s favorite, few people like beef Shawarma so they have to specially make it inside the kitchen, not outside like other chicken Shawarma. Mostly small stalls don’t offer beef Shawarma and goes for only chicken. Service was speedy at ‘Captain Cook’s’ and I get my Shawarma in some time, move back home and open that luscious cheesy Shawarma (check out the above photo). Took the first bite of ‘beef cheese shawarma’ which was good but only access of salt make that food not-full-of-taste. But I guess that would be only for that day because ‘chicken cheese shawarma’ was fine and delicious. My bro was right about it’s taste and I got a good Shawarma near to my home.

Chicken Cheese Shawarma is of Rs. 100/- and Beef Cheese if of Rs. 80/-, check out their complete menu below. They also offer Camel Shawarma which would be my next order from there. They have a free home delivery too and their delivery number is 0423-6624166


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