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Taj Hotel front Nathiagali Taj Hotel Main Gate Nathiagali

Special Chicken Nathiagali An exotic day at a beautiful hill station can only be concluded by an invigorating dinner. If you are visiting Nathiagali for the first time then this topic will definitely help you, but if you are a regular visitor to this place then you would most probably already know about this article.

In my recent visit to Muree I specially went to Nathiagali (Taj Hotel) for dinner and had “Khufia masalon ki chicken” (chicken with secret spices), for which this hotel is famous. It’s one of its kind, really delicious and appetizing… and hot roti and cold drinks make the food even better. It is one of my favourite and not only food but the view from the mountain is also great.

Another interesting thing is that this hotel had also been selected in the top 10 hotels of Pakistan a few years ago, which the hotel management had displayed proudly along with his hotel name with news paper and magazine cuttings.

So when you visit Nathiagali next time do visit this place and ember your order khufia masalon wali chicken… enjoy

Taj Hotel Nathiagali top 10

12 thoughts on “Taj Hotel Nathiagali

  1. I went to Kalabagh which is 1 km from the Nathiagali market and the greenspot there is a beautiful place. We walked down from Kalabagh PAF base to Nathiagali market and your picture seemed familiar to the chicken we ate there with a heap of fried “lal mirch” on the side of the plate ….only difference is that it had a funny name “PATAKHA CHICKEN” 🙂

  2. i visited this place back in 2007 & have lunch with my 15 colleagues, it was very good experience over there…we had truly unforgettable lunch. i also recommend to others to visit this hotel & taste the food & other reason to visit is off course its rank 4 in top hotels of Pakistan.

  3. bigtugboat : I stayed at lowertopa base, approximately 5-6 km north of muree mall road

    housewife : you had reached the exact place, its the same chicken with “lal mirch”.

  4. I have visited Kalabagh and also visited MiranJani top and Mukshpuri top. Also spent nights two times on MukshPuri top with friends in our camp. These areas are very beautyful.

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