Gulabi Bagh Gateway And Tomb Dai Anga

Above photos is a gateway to Gulabi Bagh (Rose Garden) and as we pass this gate, there is a tomb of Dai Anga (see description below). This is a historical building and constructed in truly Mughal style architecture. Recently our Govt. has taken some action and put some lights on it which glow up this beautiful artistic piece of building.

This Gateway and Tomb Dai Anga is on G.T. Road near to U.E.T. (University of Engineering & Technology) Lahore. It is easily visible from road but gate is always closed and people use to jump over the fence to go in there. But these visitors don’t come to see the beauty art piece or enjoy the garden but to sit privately, have a chit chat, can smoke and use drugs. Some part of this garden is occupied by illegal houses which lessen down the beauty of park. Below is the description written about Gulabi Bagh Gateway and Dai Anga’s Tomb. Continue reading “Gulabi Bagh Gateway And Tomb Dai Anga”

Tomb At G.T. Road Lahore

Buddu's Tomb at G.T.Road Lahore

This is a tomb located on G.T.Road Lahore near to famous university of Engineering and Technology (UET). Tomb is not  maintained and not in a position that people would go there to visit. It has a small gate in front which is mostly closed and there is no one to open that gate however it is not difficult to jump over it, and no one would mind it. Continue reading “Tomb At G.T. Road Lahore”