Special Milk Glass Of Butt Sweets

Milk glass of Butt SweetsButt Sweets is a famous sweet shop which deals in traditional Mithai and bakery stuff. They have a good name in Mithai and have developed special target market. They have many outlets of their own in Lahore city but one of their famous outlet is in Gawalmandi or Lakshmi.

Gawalmandi and Lakshmi are near to each other and both have common reason to be popular, which is traditional food stuff. These are the places which are considered as the center of traditional food stuff in Lahore. Earlier we had Food Street in Gawalmandi which is not any more. Lakshmi is the place which has lot of movie theaters in one area. There are many other traditional restaurants in Gawalmandi and Lakshmi. Many renown brands have also open their branch in these areas, same is the case with Butt Sweets. Continue reading “Special Milk Glass Of Butt Sweets”