Gourmet Twister Changes To Dew

Gourmet DewGourmet bakers has come into many different product lines in which one of the famous product is their soft drinks. This is the only product of Gourmet bakers which is also available on other stores rather than Gourmet bakers only.

Gourmet bakers has first developed a strong branches system in all over Lahore and then in other cities too. They have launched round about 100 branches in Lahore only so whatever they launch get to 100 selling points instantly. Those selling points are also accepted well by the people. So they sell all of their Gourmet products from their own Gourmet stores only. Continue reading “Gourmet Twister Changes To Dew”

Soft Drink By Al-Hilal

Few days ago I’ve seen road hoardings in front of Punjab University Lahore about a new fruit drink. That fruit drink name was Kooler which is launched by a company named Al-hilal. Now just after few days I see some different bottle on same road hoardings at same place. I was amazed that what happened to the bottle, there is a little difference in it. Bottle design is little different and even the ad is little different. The name of company was same which was Al-Hilal but there is something different, something is changed here. Well I stop at the signal and got a time to view ad carefully, oh, it’s not the old ad, it’s a new one. Same company has launched another drink, but this time, a soft drink with a name of ‘Boomer’. Continue reading “Soft Drink By Al-Hilal”