Hot Fuzon At M.M.Alam Road

Sheesha bar at Hot Fuzon M.M.Alam Road LahoreRecently many cafe started in Lahore and has become successful to gather a certain kind of community to their cafe. These cafe are running well with their one of the attractive item of Sheesha. Sheesha is a new form of Hukka which was used earlier here in Pakistan. At countryside Hukka is still an entertainment and people love to use it. It is kind of smoking which is becoming obsolete nowadays.

Sheesha has came here in Pakistan through Arab countries where youngsters use to have this. It is considered a safe smoking or fun smoking in which youngster think that it has no harm and give you a chance to add yourself in smoking league. Youngster do stuff which will make them unique or special. Or sometimes they do stuff to remain in certain community of friends. They use to have Sheesha for fun without knowing that it also used a special kind of tobacco in it and continuous usage of Sheesha will might make them a real tobacco user. Continue reading “Hot Fuzon At M.M.Alam Road”