Visit To Chirat

lunch place in Chirat

This lunch table shown in above photo is not on ground, it is on a mountain, 4000 feet above sea level. This place is known as Chirat where I’d a lunch with my family, above the mountains, in the clouds with beautiful landscape all around. While moving above the mountains I praise ALLAH at each level that how beautifully ALLAH create this world, these mountains, how beautifully these trees are planted on sloppy mountains. How lush green these mountains Continue reading “Visit To Chirat”

Attock Khurd And River Indus

First day in Kamra, I go to Attack Khurd, which is like 30 minutes drive from Kamra. It is a beautiful place which has an old railway station and a bridge surrounded in mountains. Bridge is on river Indus and it gives a very eye catching view.Bridge is built in 1800 and quite active and used for trains till now. Earlier it was used for cars, vehicles too but now that part is used for pedestrians only. But this is lower part of the bridge, upper part has railway track on it which is still used for trains. It seems very beautiful train passing the bridge on Indus river with mountains around it.

Attack Khurd Bridge


Beside that old style railway station which has old machinery in it. I amazed to see that Continue reading “Attock Khurd And River Indus”